Better safety performance is integral part of digital revolution

HOUSTON—New digital tools and processes that drive operational efficiencies and competitiveness in a sustained era of low oil prices also have the potential to transform safety in energy workplaces, Kurt Loustalot, vice-president of midstream in the production and processing division of SNC-Lavalin said. 

“Most people think of digital in terms of cost savings and productivity improvements,” Loustalot said. “But adopting new digital tools and techniques also improves safety throughout the workplace. Safety has evolved to meet the needs of the workplace throughout the 19th and 20th century, and as we step into the Digital Revolution Age, safety is evolving again.”

Loustalot said digital engineering and technology is disrupting all market sectors, which means big changes in performance expectations and the ways in which suppliers, engineers, contractors, and producers work and interact.

“Everyone has a responsibility in driving the next step change for successful digital transformation,” Loustalot said of the evolving business environment. “From encouraging and implementing a culture of innovation and technology to reforming a company's data architecture, we all need to adapt and revolutionize our ways of working.

“We all need to be sure that we can rely on our partners to recognize the importance of this digital transformation.”

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