HP Awards 2019 Best Catalyst Technology

Best Catalyst Technology award finalists: 

BASF, Valor™

Valor™ is a next-generation fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalyst technology designed to enhance the performance of FCC catalysts processing heavy residuum oil feedstock. Refineries using Valor™ technology in their FCC units achieved catalyst activity retention with lower hydrogen and coke yields. This new catalyst achieves efficient passivation of vanadium with increased tolerance against sulfur, effectively enabling refiners to increase resid processing without sacrificing conversion or product yields.


ExxonMobil and Albemarle have co-developed and teamed up to commercialize a second-generation bulk metal catalyst that offers tremendous hydroprocessing margin potential. Celestia™ has been commercialized in distillate and hydrocracking hydrotreating platforms within ExxonMobil and has shown to provide an activity advantage of up to three times that of conventional supported catalysts. Both in distillate hydrotreaters and in LCO/VGO hydrocrackers, the Celestia™ catalyst yields exception returns, with payback times as short as 4 mos.


Ionikylation is a commercially proven, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly alkylation process that uses a proprietary composite ionic liquid as the catalyst. Ionikylation has a higher yield and selectivity towards the formation of valuable and high-octane compounds (e.g., trimethylpentanes) over traditional methods. The composite ionic liquid catalyst is recycled and regenerated within the process itself. A very small amount of spent catalyst and solids are removed. More importantly, the spent catalyst and solids from the Ionikylation process are chemically benign matters, which can be safely and easily disposed.

2019 Winner: BASF, Valor™


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