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Green Circle: Focused on the World of Tomorrow
11 August 2021

Sponsor: Lummus Technology

This webinar will introduce Green Circle, a division of Lummus Technology established in 2020 to focus on technology for the circular economy, renewable chemicals/fuels, and decarbonization of energy and assets. You will learn about Green Circle's technology innovation areas, proprietary offerings, and strategic partnerships. 

Green Circle SMEs will share key insights on currently available technologies for licensing, our vision for the Energy Transition and the role that Lummus and our industry partners can play in accelerating this transformation.

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Speeding Up the Engineering from Concept to Design
4 August 2021

Sponsor: Siemens

Within an environment which is increasingly competitive and complex, projects within process industries are under scrutiny. About 80 percent of the total cost of a plant project is determined during the process design phase, which is why a reliable set of engineering deliverables and cost estimations at this stage is essential. 

The value of streamlined business processes and standardized designs is typically underestimated, but it is key for reduce CAPEX. Chevron Lummus has achieved significant benefits by standardizing their pre-FEED projects design packages.

Join our webinar and learn how standardized designs since FEED phase actually impact a project and reduces CAPEX and what was the approach Chevron Lummus has applied. 

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Principles of Liquid Sampling
28 July 2021

Sponsor: Swagelok

Process fluid sampling plays a critical role in maintaining accurate, profitable industrial processes. Pulling liquid samples is often necessary for validating process conditions, ensuring end products are up to specification, and evaluating environmental emissions. Grab sampling—also called spot sampling, laboratory sampling, field sampling, or closed-loop sampling—is a useful way retrieve these samples, but it can be challenging to execute correctly.

Learn what it takes for operators and technicians to perform liquid grab sampling correctly in our upcoming webinar on July 28. Find out how to avoid the small errors can negatively impact sample representativeness and production efficiency, driving up operating costs. Walk away with a better understanding of:

  • The value of using sample bottles vs. sample cylinders
  • How to maintain a standard liquid sampling process
  • The importance of properly designed sample panels

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3 Reasons Why Honeywell’s Plant-Wide Optimizer Will Deliver the Results You Need in 2022
20 July 2021

Sponsor: Honeywell

2022 is around the corner and you need to drive results from the get-go. Large enterprises like yours are often challenged by siloed organizations & decision support systems while trying to solve an end-to-end optimization problem. With Increasing volatility in the market, integrated decision making through improved cross-functional awareness is the need of the hour.

Plant-wide optimizer enables consistent orchestration of various functional silos that will help organizations optimize Product Inventories, Quality & Timing in the most profitable way.

Plant-wide optimizer delivers end to end optimization through three results-oriented guiding principles:

  1. Speed & agility - Optimize every minute by using dynamic models resulting in real-time feedback & precise control.
  2. Comprehensive Scope - Manage inventory & deliver optimal material routing across the enterprise by integrating process optimization with planning, blending operations.
  3. Feasibility of Solution -Delivers near real-time optimization with integration from planning down to managing constraints on each individual unit by using patented concepts of around key decision variables.

Register for this live webinar to learn how you can leverage Plant-wide optimizer to deliver a combined multi-scale optimization solution across your enterprise.

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Get your Projects On-Spec: Filtration Technologies for EPCs, Packagers, and Licensors
15 July 2021

Sponsor: Pall

Pall filtration experts provide a comprehensive overview of available filtration and coalescence technologies and how to specify them correctly in datasheets.

Join this webinar to learn how filtration solutions and early engineering support enable optimization from design, purchasing, commissioning, through startup – helping EPC contractors to be on-spec, on-time, and on-budget.

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Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Gas Distribution Systems
8 July 2021

Sponsor: Swagelok

Do you rely on gas systems to operate your facilities? Have you struggled to address and avoid leaks in your systems while dealing with other day-to-day tasks? Are you concerned about safety hazards posed by gases flowing around your plant? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then be sure to register for this  webinar on the common challenges with today’s industrial gas distribution systems.

Led by Karim Mahraz, Swagelok’s product manager for analytical instrumentation and custom solutions, this webinar will cover what a gas distribution system is, why to make such systems a priority, common challenges, the role of pressure regulators, and the benefits specific gas distribution system assemblies provide.

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How Are Your Industry Competitors Navigating the Energy Transition?
30 June 2021

Sponsor: AspenTech

With an increased focus on climate change and energy transition companies are pivoting to more sustainable operations raising questions such as: 


  • What are the top drivers influencing actions to reduce CO2?
  • Which metrics are being used to monitor sustainability?
  • Will your CO2 reduction strategy provide a competitive advantage?
  • Which technologies are you investing in to address greenhouse gas emissions?


These are just a few of the questions that we asked in an online survey to better understand the strategies and actions industry leaders are taking to meet their sustainability goals.  Early results show that half of the companies surveyed believe that investing in sustainability will provide them with new business opportunities.

Please join Lee Nichols, Editor in Chief of Hydrocarbon Processing, as he hosts a lively discussion with Dr. Robert Socolow, Carbon Mitigation Expert, Princeton University, and Ron Beck, Energy Industry Director, AspenTech. Together, they’ll discuss the research findings and provide their own unique insights. 

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CO2 Emission Reductions & Carbon Capture
23 June 2021

Sponsor: Carbon Clean

he battle to reduce carbon emissions is rapidly gaining momentum with global regulations and legislation for heavy industry. This momentum has pushed carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) innovations into the spotlight. These CCUS technologies are already lowering costs and transforming industry. But - how does your industry know what is the right solution for you?  

Join Carbon Clean's Director of North America, Glen Bailey with the panel of experts. In this 1-hour session they will discuss:

  • Outlook on ambitions and strategy for decarbonization
  • Role of carbon capture within the industry’s overall strategy
  • A view on government policy and its effect on emission reductions

Don't miss this opportunity to take part in this crucial conversation - register for free today to learn how heavy industry can achieve CO2 emission reductions with Carbon Clean.  

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