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Combat CUI: How to Combine Insulation & Jacketing to Inhibit Corrosion
23 August 2017

Sponsor: Johns Manville IIG/ITW Insulation Systems

CUI is a major concern with many resources dedicated to corrosion prevention, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. An effective CUI prevention strategy must consider the elements of an entire insulation system. Join Johns Manville Industrial Insulation Group and ITW Insulation Systems for a live webinar, Combat CUI: How to Combine Insulation & Jacketing to Inhibit CUI. Receive PDH credits for attending the live webinar.

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IoT Solutions in Oil and Gas
20 July 2017

Sponsor: PTC

Whether your operation is upstream, midstream, or downstream – your organization needs a solution that connects disparate assets, systems, databases, and data/naming conventions. The industrial IoT enables organizations to build smart system architectures that avoid these classic data silos to prove concepts and produce business value. 

Industrial IoT applications can improve efficiency in Oil and Gas operations:

  • Operations data management: what data can be relieved to lower the risk of overburdening the operational host, i.e., SCADA or DCS?
  • Product life cycle management as a service or a product: how can we use machine learning to more effectively monitor pump asset anomalies and manage the care for better production results?

By the end of 2017, we predict there will be large quantities of proof of concept (PoC) industrial IoT applications in Oil and Gas. There is so much potential. To effectively bring the power of IoT to your organization, a smart approach is to choose a project that can be implemented quickly and has a clear, measurable business value. Start simple, succeed, and apply your learning to the next project.

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Enabling Digital Operations Management for Improved Profitability
12 July 2017

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

Refineries and petrochemical plants are challenged with sustaining and improving margins, and retaining operational knowledge from a retiring workforce. The next focus of operations improvement requires embarking on a journey of digital transformation, through elimination of wasted work, automation of work flows and “transformation” — changing when, where, which and how work is performed and evolved. Over time, digital operations management becomes self-evolution to achieve improved profitability. Learn in this webinar how you can achieve the next level of operational efficiency for your plant.

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Value Realized by Closing the Gap Between Scheduling and Operations
20 June 2017

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

While refinery scheduling paves the way for a refiner to generate the inherent value within an economically-optimized refinery plan, the real value is realized in the physical processing of refinery feedstocks and generation of marketable products. Refiners often face the challenge of ensuring synchronization between what has been defined as scheduled operational sequence and what is actually being executed in the operations environment. This synchronization challenge means the schedule is continuously impacted by internal and external changes and, as such, is undergoing continuous change. In this webinar, several strategies to ensure synchronization between scheduling and operations will be discussed (especially, in oil movement operations where the majority of scheduling instructions exist).

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Improve Reliability of Process Assets with Prescriptive Analytics: Get Results Today
14 June 2017

Sponsor: AspenTech

Using the latest prescriptive analytics and predictive modeling solutions, organizations extend the life of aging equipment, increase uptime, and achieve optimal process performance that surges profitability. Register today to hear from ARC Advisory Group’s Contributing Analyst, Peter Reynolds, as he shares his insights on: 

  • Why predictive and prescriptive analytics offer such promise, and how to select the target project within your company.
  • The breakthrough approach combining data analytics with model-based process knowledge. 
  • Roles of big data analytics, machine learning prescriptive approaches, model-based analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

 Additionally, Ron Beck will talk about case studies involving AspenTech’s Asset Performance Management (APM) suite.

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CUI Research - The Critical Components & Findings
7 June 2017

Sponsor: Johns Manville Industrial Insulation Group

As the need for real-world, field-validated CUI testing becomes more and more relevant in the industrial insulation industry, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new generation of corrosion test methods that could influence your corrosion strategy.

Join Leo Caseres, Ph.D., from Southwest Research Institute, and Ames Kulprathipanja, Ph.D., from Johns Manville, for their live webinar, CUI Research: The Critical Components & Findings. The co-presenters will outline a new, accelerated CUI test with field-validated results, as well as discuss what the industry can expect to see for the next evolution in corrosion testing.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at 2 p.m. EDT / 6 p.m. UTC, and will be followed with a live Q&A in which any participant may submit questions to our presenters. Johns Manville Industrial Insulation will provide a Certificate of Completion for attending the live webinar which can be submitted for credit toward Professional Development Hours (PDH)*.

 The experts in the industry will discuss the following topics:

  • The cost and impact of CUI
  • Critical components to successful, objective research
  • The lack of end-user field testing and the impact on the industry
  • Example and test results from cutting-edge, real-world CUI testing
  • Opportunities to get involved in future testing and research.
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Using Simulation Studies to Optimize Your Ethylene Plant
6 June 2017

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

The petrochemicals boom has officially begun as the natural gas prices fell due to new technological advances. By Q2 2018, an additional 15.6B lb/yr ethylene production are planned – translating to $16.5B investment in the form of new plants or upgrading the existing plants to utilize natural gas and to produce more ethylene. This webinar will provide how steady state and dynamic simulation services can be used to identify plant bottlenecks, retrofit existing plants and design new plants for safer, smooth and optimum operations. Best practice modeling will include steam systems, compressor control systems, relief and flare studies, highly integrated ethylene plants, and ethylene plant optimization.

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Heinz Bloch: Useful Failure Analysis Strategies
25 May 2017

Hydrocarbon Processing's well-known Heinz Bloch webcast series is back by popular demand. The first webcast offered under Mr. Bloch's latest series, "Unusual Fluid Machinery Failures," outlines the most effective and readily implementable failure analysis strategies. During the 60-minute presentation, Mr. Bloch will analyze proven and effective approaches that have been readily implemented by successful organizations. Two interesting field examples will be highlighted; both approaches were adopted by a number of job functions in the HPI.

Mr. Bloch is Hydrocarbon Processing’s Reliability/Equipment Editor, and one of the HPI’s foremost experts on improving machinery reliability.

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