Capitalizing on Integrated Base Oil Solutions
30 April 2019

Sponsor: Shell Catalysts & Technologies

The base oils market is a rapidly growing, high margin industry in transition.  Refiners are moving away from Group 1 base oils and looking for new and better ways to produce Group 2 and Group 3 base oils.  Shell Catalyst and Technologies is in a very unique position to provide integrated base oil solutions ranging from catalyst, licensing, services, to lubricants support. Register for this webcast to learn more about the market and how to capitalize on these industry changes.

Join us on April 30th to learn how Shell Catalyst and Technologies can help support you on your journey to create high quality base oils.  Topics include:

  • Introduction of Shell Catalysts & Technologies
  • Base Oil Market Overview
  • Shell Catalysts and Technologies Integrated Base Oil Solutions
  • A Base Oil Case Study – Hyundai
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Webinar with ARC: Closing the Gap between Plan and Actual Operations
23 April 2019

Sponsor: AspenTech 

 Refineries and olefin plants are constantly challenged by the gap between their plan and actual plant performance, leaving millions of dollars per year in lost margins on the table.

Join ARC Advisory Group’s Contributing Analyst Peter Reynolds as he addresses this challenge while presenting a huge opportunity. You’ll learn how newly available, breakthrough technology and best practices enable you to:

  • Optimize multiple units in real time by coordinating site-wide APC applications
  • Keep process models updated automatically with actual plant performance
  • Increase production, reduce product giveaway and save energy costs

In addition, AspenTech’s Henrik Terndrup, Sr. Director of Product Management, will explain how dynamic optimization technology - Aspen GDOT – is helping more than 15 companies meet or even exceed planned targets.

Sign up for this insightful webinar and discover how your refinery or olefins facility can improve margins by vertically integrating planning, scheduling and advanced process control in a closed loop.

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Clean Fuels: The Advancements to Zero-Sulfur
17 April 2019

During this live webcast, Lee Nichols will provide an overview on the advancements in clean fuels regulations around the world, along with capital expenditures on clean fuels projects by region and country. This webcast will be the first in a series on the topic of Sustainability in the HPI to detail the many efforts taken place around the world to produce low-sulfur and ultra-low-sulfur fuels.

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How to Maximize Performance in the Amine Unit
11 April 2019

Sponsor: Nalco Water and BASF

The Amine Unit is the heart of a gas plant and when it is not running efficiently, it will impact your plant’s availability and performance.

Oxygen can be a plants number one problem. The harmful effects of oxygen can manifest as corrosion in processing equipment and increase degradation of the amine solvent. Plants often have little warning to protect themselves against the impact of oxygen and other inlet contaminants. To learn more about approaches which can be implemented to improve efficiency, join hosts, Nalco Water and BASF as they discuss best practices for increased plant performance.

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A record year for LNG project sanctions in 2019
10 April 2019

LNG supply looks set to have a record year in 2019 on two fronts – production growth and the number of financial investment decisions (FIDs) expected to be taken.

Join Hydrocarbon Processing Editor & Associate Publisher Lee Nichols, Energy Web Atlas’ Peregrine Bush & Scott Allgood, as they use the Energy Web Atlas LNG dataset to examine the current status of the global LNG network, as well as determine the future outlook.

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Covestro uses Next-Generation Process Simulation to Push the Boundaries of Digital Transformation
27 March 2019

Sponsor: AVEVA

Process simulation is increasingly playing a key role in Digital Transformation programs across the process industries.

Covestro, one of the largest specialty polymer companies in the world, is running a broad Digital Transformation program across its entire organization to capture value from simplified processes and increased transparency and efficiency.

Process simulation is already used across the plant lifecycle to optimize design, equipment and control setpoints and to support operations with troubleshooting and reducing downtime, using a number of different simulation tools. However, these tools do not integrate well with each other and engineers spend a large amount of time transferring information and rebuilding models and simulations at different stages of the lifecycle.

In this webinar, Jochen Steimel and Konrad Triebeneck from Coverstro will share how they consolidated their process simulation applications onto one single platform, AVEVA’s SimCentral Simulation Platform, freeing up additional time to innovate, tackle complex problems and ultimately boosting collaboration between process design, control and operations.

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Improving CCR Reforming Profitability by Using High Density Catalysts
21 March 2019

Sponsor: Honeywell UOP

Balancing gasoline, hydrogen, and aromatics production is one of today’s challenges for refineries. Operators, constantly on the lookout to find new ways to meet their production goals, research a variety of options including building new units or debottlenecking existing ones.

For refineries seeking to maximize production on existing assets, the global trend is to shift to high-density catalyst.

Join UOP’s panel of experts to learn the science behind high-density catalyst and why this trend is catching on. Plus, you’ll discover how R-364, UOP’s newest Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR) catalyst, offers greater operational flexibility for increased capacity and increased yields—resulting in greater gasoline and aromatics production.

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Deciphering ASTM Moisture Methods in Hydrocarbon Processing
20 February 2019

Sponsor: Metrohm

Many analytical techniques can be used to test moisture levels in crude oil, feedstock and refined products, however navigating the nuances of ASTM methods for moisture analysis can be confusing. Attend this webinar to hear Bert Thakkar, Secretary of ASTM’s Committee D02 on Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants discuss ASTM methods and how to implement them in your lab.  Dr. Kerri-Ann Blake, Product Specialist at Metrohm, will provide expert tips on sample preparation, reagent selection and instrument maintenance that help you get the most out of your measurements.

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