Eliminate Centrifuge for Sulfur in Crude Oil Analysis
16 July 2018

Interfering elements like Si, Ca, Cl, Fe and water are commonly present in crude oil and will settle to the bottom of a sample over time. To prevent biased results, many laboratories centrifuge all crude oil samples prior to analysis. Discover a new solution to eliminate the need to centrifuge.

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5 Common Composite Repair Misconceptions
6 July 2018

Composite repair products used in oil and gas pipeline rehabilitation and restoration applications have been available for close to 30 years. In that time, a wealth of misconceptions has evolved regarding these products, their principles and their performance. To help set the record straight, we’ll look at five common composite repair misconceptions, where they originated, the reality of those misconceptions and why it is vitally important to understand the engineering behind these solutions as well as their capabilities and effectiveness in each unique repair.

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Will the US Continue its Downstream Capacity Buildout?
2 July 2018

The US contains the largest and one of the most sophisticated refining and petrochemical networks in the world. Several factors are changing the landscape of these industries. This report provides an analysis of the current state of the US refining and petrochemical industries, as well as capital investments being made to boost production capacity.

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Viendo el Futuro con Análisis Prescriptivo
27 June 2018

Descubra cómo predecir las averías de los equipos, reducir la carga de trabajo de mantenimiento hasta en un 60% y ahorrar $ millones en costos utilizando un nuevo enfoque para la gestión del rendimiento de los activos. Lea las historias de nueve compañías que han mejorado la confiabilidad de los activos, incluida una importante compañía de petróleo y gas que expuso la causa de una falla del compresor que plagó a su refinería durante más de una década –  solo tres días después de implementar su solución de análisis prescriptivo. Lee más.

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China's Growing Gas Demand: Key Products and Market Insights
25 June 2018

China is growing increasingly energy-hungry as its population and transport infrastructure expands. China’s demand from oil into natural gas & LNG has outpaced supply for several years, which has resulted in the need to improve the country’s natural gas and LNG infrastructure. Download this whitepaper to learn more about China's state of natural gas and LNG demand.

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Refining and Petrochemicals: A New Look at Integration Opportunities
20 June 2018

As fuels demand declines, refineries are looking for unique ways to remain competitive. Diversifying into petrochemicals, leveraging low-cost energy and feedstock will maximize value. Explore how a high-value integration strategy can create additional value in this thought-provoking white paper from Honeywell UOP Principal Engineer and FCC Subject Matter Expert, Matt Griffiths

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Transmix Reduction with Rapid Sulfur Monitoring
15 June 2018

Many different types and grades of petroleum products travel through pipelines in batches. Some mixing occurs at the interface between batches which results in transmix generation and product downgrading. By integrating a real-time online analyzer, you can optimize product cut-points even when specific gravity is the same.

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Mexico's unfolding natural gas transformation
10 May 2018

The global energy industry has seen how the shale boom turned the US into a leading gas producer and exporter. Much of the recent development in the Americas' natural gas/LNG sector has been concentrated in the US Gulf Coast region, which is a key energy hub for much of the world. But what about Mexico?

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