Cybersecurity Guidebook for Process Control.
6 April 2018

An important factor in implementing a cybersecurity program is change management. Emerson’s cybersecurity leaders have compiled this brief guide based on the Start-Stop-Continue Change Management model to help you lead organizational change and take immediate steps to make your operations more secure. Every organization is at a different point in the cybersecurity journey. While not all points will reflect where you are in your journey, take this guide as a reminder to continue that evolution to a cybersecurity-aware organization.

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Optimizing IIoT Value in Oil & Gas with IT-OT Alignment
6 April 2018

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) teams have traditionally worked independently of one another. But the rise of digital transformation initiatives has forced organizations to rethink siloed operations. To achieve maximum business value, aligning the divided worlds of IT and OT can significantly accelerate IIoT's time to value. To learn how your organization can maximize IIoT value through an IT-OT alignment, download our new white paper.

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Successfully Planning Your Next Shutdown, Turnaround, or Outage (STO)
3 April 2018

There is a lot at risk when planning an STO event. Any flawed implementation can contribute to health and safety incidents, post-startup trips, and other failures such as scope creep, discovery work, budget overruns, safety concerns, and work delays.

It is important to carefully choose who you will be working with as you execute your STO. In this planning guide, you will learn about process improvement opportunities in your STO from beginning to end.

The keys to successful planning include:

  • Removing guesswork from your worklist
  • Reducing risks by preparing for discovery work
  • Leveraging modern technology and expertise


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GT-UWC – How a Uniting Wall Column Maximizes LPG Recovery
3 April 2018

Find out how GTC Technology's Uniting Wall Column provides several advantages and benefits over conventional cryogenic or non-cryogenic LPG recovery processes.  GT-UWC℠ is a process uniting the functions of the deethanizer and depropranizer into one column to achieve higher C3+ recovery at lower operating temperatures and pressures. As a result, both capital investment and operating costs for grassroots and revamped applications are reduced.

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4 Ways to Effectively Monitor Total Chlorine in Liquid Hydrocarbons
12 March 2018

Chlorine in crude oil can hydrolyze during processing to form hydrochloric acid. Many refiners rely on semi-periodic testing of inorganic chlorides. However, what if a desalter upset occurs or an organic chlorine slug is present in the incoming crude? Download our whitepaper to learn about 4 ways to monitor chlorine.

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Bringing Greater Efficiency to Small-Scale LNG with Multi-Section Integrally Geared Compressors
5 March 2018

Although SSLNG expands the options for LNG’s availability, small-scale projects have a different set of technical and logistical requirements than larger facilities. The technologies, including the compressors running the refrigeration cycle, often can’t be efficiently scaled down. The multi-section technology employed by IGCs offers a flexible and economically attractive solution. 

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Selecting the Right Overfill Prevention Technology
2 March 2018

It is essential to implement overfill Prevention Systems to minimize risk and improve safety. Preventing an overfill starts with proven solutions you can trust.

Learn about:

  • Essential standards and guidelines
  • Layers of protection
  • Manual and automatic systems
  • Level monitoring and proof testing technologies
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Transforming Reactor Performance
21 February 2018

The hydrocracker at the BP-Husky Toledo refinery in the USA was experiencing pressure and radial temperature differentials that were curtailing its catalyst cycle length and causing potential safety concerns. This paper explains how, by removing the reactor internals, reconfiguring the reactors and installing Shell Global Solutions' latest-generation internals, the refiner was able to overcome these constraints and achieve high-value performance improvements.

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