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Decarbonization Investment: Opportunities and Implications for EPCs
3 November 2022

The shift to decarbonization is on. Owners and EPCs must address short-term energy demands while simultaneously positioning themselves for the long-term energy transition projects that are gaining traction. Download this whitepaper to learn how energy leaders are implementing digital tactics to resolve the challenges revealed by the findings of a recent survey.

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Maire Tecnimont Group's Technological Solutions in the Green Hydrogen Arena
3 November 2022

The intermittency of renewable power sources and potential fluctuation of the hydrogen off taking are quickly becoming topical challenges for industrial sectors pursuing renewable hydrogen and its derivatives. NextChem (Maire Tecnimont Group) is addressing these challenges with two software tools developed in-house, ArcHy (Hydrogen plant Architecture Evaluation) and HyPer (Hydrogen plant Performance Simulator). The simulation tool is intended to evaluate the energy performance of a hydrogen plant, with a focus on the production, storage, and utilization of hydrogen.

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ARC White Paper ABB Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite
13 October 2022

Sponsored by: ABB

To improve operations and respond to industry pressures, companies require solutions that can analyze and interpret their IT, OT and ET data and provide insights to help make strategic decisions that can differentiate them in the market. Read this paper to see how an advanced analytics and AI solution, such as ABB Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite, can help improve operational excellence, asset performance, process management, safety and sustainability.

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Managing Integrity Operating Windows and Critical Plant Limits
7 October 2022

Any business running a process plant wants to maximize asset uptime, reduce maintenance costs and avoid unplanned outages. Operational excellence is becoming an expectation with clear definitions and proven success from leaders in the industry. After reading this paper you will:

  • Understand operating limits
  • Learn about terminology and API 584
  • See a real-world example.

Read our whitepaper on managing integrity operating windows and critical plant limits and learn more!

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Optimizing Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage to Meet Ambitious Sustainability Goals
5 October 2022

The race to a zero-carbon future is on. Global oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical companies have announced ambitious carbon mitigation, plastics re-use and water conservation targets.  Learn how industry leaders like Saudi Aramco, Kinder Morgan, Shell CANSOLV, Fluor and others are already using digital technology solutions to drive innovation and economics of carbon capture projects.

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Mechanical Vapor Recompression key to steam energy upgrade within a polyolefin plant
14 September 2022

A polyolefin plant in the Netherlands uses mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) to upgrade low-pressure steam so it can be reused to supply energy. An Atlas Copco Gas and Process two-stage centrifugal compressor compresses superheated steam from 3 barg to 12.5 barg in two steps, resulting in a significant reduction in natural gas usage and a net reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Practical Implementation of Dispersed Combustion in Fired Heaters
8 September 2022

To meet current and future NOx requirements while allowing for a substantial increase in capacity from existing heaters, a practical technology is required. Matthew Martin, XRG Technologies, USA, details the benefits of implementing dispersed combustion in fired heaters in order to align with these requirements.

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Preventing Corrosion Resulting from Renewables Conversion
6 September 2022

Many oil and gas companies are repurposing refineries to produce renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and other renewable biofuels and products. Their process equipment will now be faced with new chemical compositions, pressures, and temperatures, leading to new corrosion mechanisms (Free Fatty Acid (FFA), Naphthenic Acid, Carbonic Acid, Chlorides). To protect the existing equipment base material and pressure boundary, a metallurgy upgrade is required to prevent corrosion and potential asset integrity failure. There are several options available to achieve this, discussed in this white paper.

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