Optimize Workflow with the Sindie Series
5 October 2020

Sindie 2622 Gen 3 offers several features that can significantly improve lab efficiencies, particularly for samples with less than 100ppm of sulfur. Download our whitepaper to learn about a time-saving solution with the option to reduce the background measurement time to 20% of the total measurement time.

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The Outlook for the Shift to Industrial Autonomy
15 September 2020

Yokogawa commissioned global research on the advancement of industrial autonomy amongst companies in six key process industries. 504 respondents provided an in-depth view of future trends in automation and autonomy, the business objectives they are targeting, and the technologies they are implementing to meet those objectives. For more information, please download the report.

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Reduce CAPEX by 50% and Footprint by 40% in Gas Quality Measurement Applications
10 September 2020

Compliance with gas quality specifications requires the measurement of both sulfur and natural gas energy content. Supporting these measurements often involves multiple gas analyzers or expensive and large conventional air-bath oven gas chromatographs.

 This white paper outlines ways to reduce cost, footprint, and complexity by leveraging the industry’s first explosion-proof gas chromatograph capable of combining the measurement of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), energy content, hydrocarbon dew point, and total sulfur compounds in a single compact, field-mountable gas analyzer solution.

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The Use of Tube Inserts in Fired Heaters
2 September 2020

The use of tube inserts in fired heaters with multiphase process flow can reduce fouling, reduce tube metal temperature, and increase yield. Although twisted tape inserts have been in use since 1896, researchers used modern tools to optimize the goodness factor. The resulting insert increases the homogeneity of multiphase flows eliminating regions of low heat transfer. Example calculations for application of the inserts to delayed coking heaters indicate run lengths may increase by up to 35%.

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Sindie Online Enables Biorefinery to Optimize Production with Real-Time Results
1 September 2020

In August 2019, a Sindie 6020 online total sulphur analyser was installed at the Malchin biofuels refinery of ecoMotion GMBH by 360°KAS, XOS’ exclusive distributor in Northwestern Europe. Read our whitepaper to learn how this biorefinery optimized their production and reduced gas consumption by 5%.

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Improving the Safety and Efficiency of Natural Gas Sweetening Units
3 August 2020

Improvement efforts for amine sweetening units start with accurate measurements of key parameters. Learn more about the process and the effective measurement technologies that can be used to enhance real-time control and monitoring of amine units!

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Precision Comparison Case Study – Petra MAX (HDXRF) vs ICP (IP 501 & IP 621)
1 July 2020

Download our case study to learn why a large European refinery is utilizing Petra MAX as a screening tool to measure nickel, vanadium, and iron in crude oil prior to running ICP (IP 501 and IP 621).

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A cure for corrosion in FCC vessels: "the answer is staring us in the face"
1 July 2020

For decades the FCC industry has been fighting to resolve the issue of corrosion within high temperature processing vessels. Most of these efforts have focused on chemical solutions to this problem. But Wouter Garot, CEO of SILICON and a metallurgist by profession, believes that corrosion issues can be resolved by applying a barrier system that has already been proven to enhance the internal condition of process vessels. If he's right, it could substantially reduce maintenance costs across the industry worldwide.

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