Hydrocarbon Processing Industry Perspectives: <i>HP</i> Awards—Honoring the industry’s best In late June, Hydrocarbon Processing announced the finalists for its third annual awards. Refinery revamp opportunities with welded plate heat exchangers The plate-and-shell (PandS) heat exchanger has three significant advantages over the shell-and-tube (SandT) type traditionally used in refinery processes. Clearing the way for China’s petrochemical growth: Efficient catalytic VOC emissions control The growth of China’s chemical industry over the past 30 yr has been truly astonishing. FCC metal trap additives to process more residue Most refiners frequently need metal trapping or bottoms cracking additives for residue operations. Next-generation catalyst improves reliability of LPG mercaptan extraction For decades, sulfur reduction processes have been an integral part of refinery operations. HP Awards 2018 Best Catalyst Technology In 2018, more than 80 nominations were submitted from 18 countries for the HP Awards. Each abstract was voted on by an independent Hydrocarbon Processing advisory board. Here's a look back at the winner for the Best Catalyst Technology Award in 2018. Editorial Comment: Sustainability: The latest creation in advancing ideas Over the past few months, Hydrocarbon Processing’s editorial staff has traveled thousands of miles to attend numerous conferences, events, users’ groups, groundbreakings, etc. Editorial Comment: Where some see roadblocks, we see opportunities In the January issue of Hydrocarbon Processing, the editorial comment focused on the roadmap to advancing ideas. Business Trends: How plastics waste recycling could transform the chemical industry If plastics demand follows its current trajectory, global plastics-waste volumes would grow from 260 MMtpy in 2016 to 460 MMtpy by 2030, taking what is already a serious environmental problem to a new level. Improve CCR reforming profitability using a novel high-density catalyst Catalytic reforming has been a staple in petroleum refining since 1949.