Hydrocarbon Processing Associations: Integrated vs. non-integrated safety systems: Does it really matter? ARC Advisory Group’s 23rd annual Industry Forum included a panel discussion that explored the relative merits of integrated vs. non-integrated safety systems in an increasingly connected world. Reliability: Viewing issues out of context may be a waste of time An alternative to the above title would be “Test your rotating equipment engineers’ IQ.” From traditional to green refinery: The transformation of Eni’s Gela plant The need for a more sustainable energy mix is setting a challenge for refinery operators. Industry Perspectives—Two events: One to honor, one to learn In this issue, the finalists for Hydrocarbon Processing’s third annual HP Awards are detailed. Reliability: Comparing and updating aeration blower technologies As the main consumers of electricity in a wastewater treatment plant, aeration blowers can significantly affect the overall cost of plant operation. Are produced water emissions factors accurate? Rules of thumb are often required to estimate hydrocarbon emissions from produced water storage tanks due to a lack of sampling or inadequacies of sample analysis—the “1% rule” being the most common. Are there ghosts in your maintenance backlog? The heart and soul of a maintenance organization is often found in the backlog of identified work. <i>Hydrocarbon Processing</i> Awards Hydrocarbon Processing, the downstream processing sector’s leading technical publication, has announced the finalists for its third annual awards. Automatic gauging addresses tank farm challenges Tank farms are often found on the premises of large refineries and petrochemical plants, or nearby. Modified shed decks tackle crude tower fouling problems Many tray designs have been complicated by the hunt for the “perfect distillation tray” design.