Catalyst Technology Update

Expert solutions for customized performance of precision-tuned FCC-PT stacked catalyst systems

Esteban, J., Whitecotton, W., Criterion Catalysts and Technologies

Catalyst technology has progressed substantially over the last two decades. This advancement has been driven by many steps.

World refining catalyst demand to reach $4.7 B in 2020

The Freedonia Group forecasts global demand for refining catalysts to grow 3.6%/yr to $4.7 B in 2020.

New, flexible catalytic solutions for FCC pretreatment and middle distillate hydrotreating

Battiston, A., Albemarle Catalysts BV; G. Anderson, Albemarle Corp.

Enabling broader production flexibility and maximizing low-value feedstock upgrading to high-value products are key to maintaining higher refinery profitability.