Acid Gas Removal

Predictive emissions monitoring helps reduce stack air emissions

Hovan, R., Rockwell Software Environmental Solutions, Rockwell Automation

New technology reduces compliance costs while optimizing operations

HPI Viewpoint--Stretch in technology and gaps in process safety

Mannan, M. S., Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center, Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University System

Oil and gas are contributing enormously to the quality of our lives in the 21st century, just as they were throughout the 20th century. With the economies in the various parts of the world expanding s..

Baker Hughes develops asphalt additives

Baker Hughes has developed a chemical additives line specially designed to remove hydrogen sulfide from asphalt or bitumen products. Baker Petrolite SULFIX 9610 and SULFIX 9614 asphalt additives help reduce hazardous levels of hydrogen sulfide that can lead to safety and environmental issues.

Gas refineries can benefit from installing a flare gas recovery system

Mokhatab, S., Consultant; Vatani, A., Zadakbar, O., University of Tehran

Take a look at these environmental and economic paybacks

Optimize operating parameters of absorbers/strippers in gas plants

Nava, J., Bantrel Co.

Better recovery definition of C3s and C4s from gas absorber/stripper can lower costs