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AMETEK Process Instruments releases WDG-V HP combustion analyzer for high-particulate applications

AMETEK Process Instruments has introduced its next generation high-particulate combustion analyzer, the Thermox WDG-V HP. This series of advanced analyzers is used to reliably measure excess oxygen, combustibles and hydrocarbons in industrial applications, including cement and lime kilns, power boilers, pulp and paper recovery boilers, and municipal waste incinerators.

KBC simulation software optimizes the hydrocarbon value chain

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) has launched its Petro-SIM® 7.5 process simulation software. This digital twin platform supports diverse needs across the hydrocarbon value chain, from upstream to downstream and petrochemicals and from design to operations.

KECO unveils new gas analyzer for real-time, continuous oxygen analysis

KECO introduces the OXYHOUND, a highly-efficient process gas analyzer that conducts real-time and continuous oxygen analysis of natural gas, biogas and other gas streams.

AMETEK Land provides thermal imagers to large ethylene producer

AMETEK Land has provided a large U.S. ethylene producer with 28 thermal imagers to provide continuous, highly precise, temperature measurements for optimum process control in its four cracking furnaces.

Enhance ethylene cracker radiant tube integrity through innovative robotic inspection

CastNewX Technology Co. Ltd.: Zhang, M.

The ethylene cracker plays a crucial role in the petrochemical industry, producing more than 200 MMtpy of ethylene globally, which is the major building block for plastics, synthetic rubber, lubricants and various chemicals.

Innovations: Electric Valve Actuator Achieves CSA Class 1, Div. 2 Hazardous Location Certification

Curtiss-Wright’s Actuation Division’s new Exlar Tritex® electric valve actuator (EVA) has achieved CSA Class 1, Div. 2 (C1D2) Hazardous Location certification. It also outperformed U.S. oil and gas producers’ expectations for rugged field test operations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Improve energy efficiency of assets

Industrial AI for guided diagnosis of KPI deviations in production operations

Flare flow measurement

The NEWTRON Group: Tamboli, D.

Flare gas meters are used in facilities such as oil rigs, refineries and chemical plants to measure the gas flows in flare lines. In many parts of the world, this is a regulatory requirement.

Innovations: Digital Valve Controller Offers Embedded Edge Computing to Streamline Workflows, Optimize Performance

In late 2023, Emerson released its Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ DVC7K Digital Valve Controller, a new design improving upon 30 yr of field-proven innovation.