HP Industry Perspectives: Second-generation petrochemical processes take lead

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Ethylene is the bellwether petrochemical. Almost all petrochemicals begin with ethylene and proceed to other major petrochemicals, including polyethylene (PE), ethylene dichloride, ethylbenzene and et..

How to make anything with a catalytic cracker

Dean, C., High Olefins FCC Technology Services, LLC; Letzsch, W. S., Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology

Various refined products can be produced via an FCCU only with changes in operating condition, different feedstocks and advanced/specialty catalyst choices.

Consider high-fidelity online motor fuel characterization

Trygstad, M., Yokogawa Corp. of America

Motor fuels are complex products. Various diesel fuel and gasoline grades are prepared from a large range of individual blending components whose individual properties may be extremely variable over t..

Which margin levers impact Group I and Group II base stock competitiveness?—Part 2

Moncrieff, I., Kline and Co., Inc.

This is the second in a two-part series assessing the struggle taking place between Group I and Group II/III for market control and price formation in the global base stocks industry. Part I provided ..

HP Global: The reshaping of Latin America’s petrochemical industry

Quijada, R., IHS Markit

Latin American economies continue to grow. Fig. 1 shows the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates from 2010 through 2018 for this region. Brazil accounts for 35% of the total GDP growth. For the p..

HP Boxscore Construction Analysis: US methanol—the resurgence of an industry

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The latest resurgence of the US petrochemical industry is reflected in the planned construction of new ethylene and methanol (MeOH) capacities throughout the country.

IRPC 2014: Defining the course of the global HPI

Smith, M., Gulf Publishing Company

Leading hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) executives and technical experts will come together June 24–26 in Verona, Italy, to share ideas, innovation and vision for the global downstream indu..

HP Industry Perspectives: Reflections from a petrochemical giant

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Frank Popoff, retired chairman and CEO of the Dow Chemical Co., shared his insight on the petrochemical industry at the AFPM’s 2014 International Petrochemical Conference (IPC). With a career spa..

Case history: Optimization of aromatics complex

Bergman, S., Yli-Opas, K., Karlsson, S., Frejborg, A., Neste Jacobs Oy; Vettenranta, J., Borealis Polumers Oy; Rönkä, M., Borealis Polymers Oy

Borealis Polymers executed an online optimization project at its phenol and aromatics plants in Porvoo. The plantwide application increased the output rate by 9% and greatly improved the stability of operations.

HP Editorial Comment: What is the future for hydrocarbons and their prices?

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Have we reached peak oil, again? No; the naysayers have predicted peak oil five times already, and innovative technologies continue to overcome previous barriers and to find new methods of developing ..