HP Water Management: Avoid failures in water projects: Part 2

Huchler, L. A., MarTech Systems, Inc.

Last month, we discussed the need for project engineers to talk to process engineers about the water systems as a capital project takes shape. This month’s column discusses additional ways to bri..

Achieve optimal heat recovery in a kettle exchanger

Das, T., Consultant

Improve operations by avoiding buildup of sensible duty or by using baffles

Lukoil taps Foster Wheeler for waste heat boiler at Russia refinery

Foster Wheeler has been awarded a contract by Lukoil for the supply of a waste heat boiler for the Nizhegorodnefteorgsyntez refinery located in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia. Foster Wheeler’s scope of work is scheduled to be completed by March 2013, it said.

Investigation: Failure of a steam generator

Babakr, A., Bairamov, A., SABIC R&T

In case history, engineers search for root cause of water-side tube failures for a 23-year-old boiler

HP Water Management: Don’t let water be the reason for a turnaround

Huchler, L. A., MarTech Systems, Inc.

Several years ago, while arriving onsite during another unit turnaround, I joked to a process engineer at the refinery “I get it. . . every time I ‘turn around,’ you have a turnaround.&..

Pre-engineered solutions drive down advanced control costs

Sharpe, P., Hawkins, G., Emerson Process Management

Process control can improve quality and operating efficiency

EPA delays implementation of new US industrial boiler regulations

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) postponed the implementation of new air pollution rules for boilers, saying it wants more feedback from the public and industry.

Titan Metal Fabricators adds new facilities in India

Titan Metal Fabricators has announced the opening of a wholly-owned production subsidiary in India. Known as Titan Metal Fabricators India, the new operation is Titan’s first expansion outside the US.

HP Water Management: Passivation in cooling water circuits

Huchler, L. A., MarTech Systems, Inc.

Passivation—the formation of a corrosion-resistant oxide on a clean metal surface—is the key to optimizing system reliability on the waterside of heat exchangers. Most plant personnel are aw..

Designing atmospheric crude distillation for bitumen service

Grande, M., Gutscher, M., Fluor Canada Ltd.

Oil sands add complexity to separation units and require a new approach