Alfa Laval acquires Aalborg Industries

Alfa Laval has signed an agreement to acquire Aalborg Industries Holding A/S for a total cash consideration of SEK 5.0 billion, on an enterprise value basis, from Altor 2003 Fund, LD Equity and the company’s management.

Convert waste heat into eco-friendly energy

New developments, such as the organic Rankine cycle, help operations go ‘green’

HP Water Management: Utility water boot camp for process engineers—Part 1

Huchler, L. A., MarTech Systems, Inc.

The refining and petrochemical industries employ a large number of process engineers. Plants often assign newly graduated engineers to the utility water area. Process engineers in each operating unit ..

Increase crude unit capacity through better integration

Amin, M. S., Ibrahim, M. S., Aseeri, A. S., Gulf Advanced Process Technologies (GAP-Tech)

In revamp projects, better energy integration provides more benefits with less capital investment and lower operating costs

Selective withdrawal flows from storage tanks

Liu, L., Pu, J., Logistics Engineering University

Using this technique can improve costs and product quality

Guidelines help energy engineers and managers

Goyal, O. P., Visiting Faculty, Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology

Here are new guidelines, checklists and an integrated approach for a successful energy conservation program