HP Viewpoint: Age of turbulence: Charting the refining course toward a profitable future

Ozmen, S. M., Shell Global Solutions International BV

High-performing enterprises draw on external expertise during all project phases, from scouting and front-end engineering and development through to operations.

Redefining reforming catalyst performance: High selectivity and stability

Le Goff, P.-Y., Lopez, J., Axens; Ross, J., Axens North America

Highly developed CCR catalysts are more robust to ensure extended service over 7–9 years.

Improve diesel quality through advanced hydroprocessing

Peng, C., Huang, X., Liu, T., Zeng, R., Liu, J., Guan, M., Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals

New upgrading technologies help meet fuel quality specifications

Meeting diesel specifications at sustained production

Singh, D., Shedded Uhde Pty Ltd.

New approach rethinks operations of crude and vacuum distillation units to recover more distillate

Slurry-phase hydrocracking—possible solution to refining margins

Opportunity crudes require more hydrogen addition to upgrade orphan product streams into higher-value ‘clean’ products

What are the future fungible transportation fuels?

Stockle, M., Foster Wheeler, Reading

Alternatives hold promises to decrease dependence on crude oil, but they also uncover other challenges in distribution and engine use

Designing atmospheric crude distillation for bitumen service

Grande, M., Gutscher, M., Fluor Canada Ltd.

Oil sands add complexity to separation units and require a new approach