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Crude and gasoline stocks fell, distillate stocks rose last week, EIA says

Crude inventories fell by 6.4-MM barrels to 453.6 MM barrels in the week ended April 19, the EIA said, compared with analysts' expectations in a poll for a 825,000-barrel rise.

U.S. crude stocks rise, gasoline, distillate inventories fall

 U.S. crude stocks rose while gasoline and distillate inventories fell in the week ending April 12, said the Energy Information Administration.

Motiva restarts two CDUs at Port Arthur, Texas (U.S.) refinery

Motiva Enterprises restarted two crude distillation units overnight at its 626,000 bpd Port Arthur, Texas (U.S.) refinery, the nation's largest, after a power outage.

Singapore's middle distillates inventories cross 10 MMbbl

Singapore's middle distillates inventories surged more than 1MMbbl week on week to more than a three-month high level despite gains in net exports for both jet fuel, kerosene, diesel and gasoil.

Digital Feature: A novel process to help refinery operations comply with the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard

This article, exclusive to Hydrocarbon Processing, details a novel refinery processing technology that enables refineries to produce fuels that adhere to the U.S. RFS.

Plastic pyrolysis oils as feedstock for steam crackers: Opportunities and challenges—Part 2

Linde Engineering: Delhomme-Neudecker, C.  |  Schödel, N.  |  Tóta, Á.  |  Schmidt, G.

Plastic waste is a worldwide challenge. To reduce its carbon dioxide (CO<sub>2</sub>) footprint, the plastics industry is striving to increase circularity by using plastic pyrolysis oils (pyoils) from waste plastics as steam cracker feedstock.

U.S. crude stocks rose while gasoline and distillate inventories fell

U.S. crude stocks rose while gasoline and distillate inventories fell in the week ending February 9, 2024 the Energy Information Administration said.

U.S. crude stocks rise, gasoline and distillate inventories fall

U.S. crude stocks rose as oil refiners took in less oil, following extreme cold weather that knocked out utilization last month, the Energy Information Administration reports.

U.S. manufacturers poised for resumed growth, diesel shortage

Consumption of diesel and other distillate fuel oils is closely correlated with the manufacturing and freight cycle so the business upturn is very likely to result in renewed growth in distillate use in 2024.

Well-stocked U.S. fuel markets shrug off January's arctic blast

A bitter January cold snap that knocked out 15% of Gulf Coast refining capacity had little effect on fuel prices, with two months of rising stockpiles helping U.S. markets avoid the extreme volatility seen during recent winter freezes.