Saudi Aramco and partners’ CAN-15 recognized with JPI award

Saudi Aramco and its research and development (R&D) collaboration partner, JGC Catalysts and Chemicals—a leading catalyst developer and manufacturer in Japan— have been awarded the Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) 2015 International Technology Exchange Award.

EIA: US crude oil, distillate stockpiles exceed expectations

US crude oil stockpiles and distillate inventories increased more rapidly than expected last week, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Utilize genetic programming to develop new point efficiency correlation

Kasiri, N., Jouybanpour, P., Iran University of Science and Technology; Reza Ehsani, M., Isfahan University of Technology

Distillation is one of the most used separation operations in the chemical and petroleum industries.

Distillation—Then and now

Gentry, J. C., Bhargava, M., GTC Technology US, LLC; Binkley, M. J., GTC Process Equipment Technology

Distillation is the most often used means to separate two or more components, exploiting the physical properties of different boiling points.

Teaching an old plant new tricks: The rise of the methanol plant revamp

Stanbridge, S., Jacobs Consultancy

The last time we saw such marked activity in the methanol industry was back in the 1990s and early 2000s, when methanol production in North America plummeted by almost two-thirds.

Use model predictive control to achieve real-time management of a DWC

Blevins, T., Emerson Process Management; Downs, J., Eastman Chemical Company; Donahue, M., Roach, B., University of Texas

A dividing-wall column (DWC) can provide significant savings in energy and capital cost compared to a conventional distillation column design.

Use vapor distributors to improve fractionation column performance

Fewel, K. J., Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology

Vapor distribution has often been neglected in fractionation columns. Although the importance of liquid distribution is well understood and has been a consideration in column design from the early sta..

Shale oil characterization optimizes refining process

Sayles, S., KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.

The abundance of shale oils is an unexpected gift for US refiners. These new crude oils have different characteristics from conventional oils that will affect refining processes and the operation of p..

HP Editorial Comment: Downstream has good news for 2015

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The outlook is optimistic for downstream companies. Independent refiners are positive on present and future demand for transportation fuels.

HP Project Management: Energy efficiency: Getting in early pays off exponentially

There are many situations and circumstances when it makes good sense to pursue energy efficiency for industrial processes. But when is the best time for such action?Better operating practicesIn existi..