Improve the isomerization of alkanes by catalytic distillation

The isomerization of light gasoline fractions is crucial to producing high-octane fuels and to reducing the benzene content in gasoline. One of the most promising options for isomerization is catalytic distillation.

A biofuels roadmap for Europe to 2030

Bauen, A., E4tech

What will the transport sector use as an energy source in 2030? If you answered gas, electricity or hydrogen, you could be on the right track. These sources are becoming increasingly useful to meet cl..

HP Editorial Comment: What’s next for the energy industry?

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Year-end always leads to insightful predictions for the upcoming 12 months and possibly some longer-term insights. In writing this editorial at the end of December, HP reviewed several 2014 outlooks t..

HP Viewpoint: Methanol: The other transportation fuel

Dolan, G. A., Methanol Institute

In the US Congress, the Open Fuel Standard Act was introduced to direct automakers to have half of all new cars by the 2017 model year capable of operating on something other than gasoline, with model..

HP Brief

Thinnes, Billy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

After a bitter labor battle, INEOS Grangemouth reopensINEOS Grangemouth (UK) has reopened its petrochemicals plant and oil refinery in Scotland. The reopening comes after negotiations with the employe..

HP Industry Perspectives: EU leans forward on clean-fuel strategies

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

In late January 2013, the European Commission (EC) announced ambitious measures to ensure the buildup and standardization of alternative fueling stations across Europe. Much of the earlier EC policy i..

Optimize feed treatment for polypropylene process

To realize full activity from polymerization catalysts, feed streams need to be as clean as possible from all contaminants and catalyst poisons. A very low level of even a single catalyst poison can reduce catalyst activity drastically.

HP Industry Perspectives: 2012: Is it over yet?

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

According to a year-end report from the American Chemistry Council (ACC), the global economy is still stumbling three years after the “great recession of 2008.” The Euro area is challenged t..

Improve integration opportunities for aromatics units—Part 2

Vaidyanathan, S., Zhou, J., Fluor Enterprises, Inc.; Kapur, S., Apex PetroConsultants

Click here to read Improve integration opportunities for aromatics units—Part 1Reformed petroleum naphtha (reformate) is the largest source for aromatics. Integrating refineries and petroche..

HP Associations: Gastech examines natural gas potential for all sectors

Thinnes, Billy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

For four days in October, Hydrocarbon Processing was on call at the Gastech Conference and Exhibition in London. The magazine’s editorial staff was selected to produce the official show daily new..