Gas Processing/LNG

Saudi Aramco to complete phase 1 of expanded gas pipeline by year end

KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) — Saudi Aramco will complete the first phase of an expansion of the main gas pipeline across Saudi Arabia by the end of this year, the company said in its weekly magazine, part of an effort to meet the kingdom's rising gas demand.

China unveils plans to expand, upgrade oil and gas pipelines

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and National Energy Administration (NEA) unveiled plans to expand and upgrade China’s oil and gas pipeline network over the next decade.

Bangladesh LNG drive likely to hit its diesel, fuel oil demand

SINGAPORE/DHAKA (Reuters) — Bangladesh's plan to start importing LNG next year will likely dampen its demand for oil used in power generation, government and industry sources said.

Monetize coal seam gas via LNG with optimized treating and liquefaction processes

Mokhatab, S., Consultant; Towler, B. F., University of Queensland

Coal seam gas (CSG) has been established as a viable source of natural gas. The monetization of CSG resources through LNG projects experienced rapid expansion in recent years as a result of increasing LNG prices.

Trump seeks to project global power through energy exports

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — President Donald Trump on Thursday promoted a "golden era" of the US energy business by seeking to assert power abroad through a boost in natural gas, coal and petroleum exports.

Asserting 'dominance,' Trump seeks boost for US energy exports

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — President Donald Trump on Thursday will lay out his plan for reducing regulations to boost already-abundant US production of oil, natural gas and coal and export it around the world, creating American jobs and helping allies.

BP Statistical Review shows long-term shifts underway

The 2017 edition of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy shows global energy markets continuing to undergo long-term changes as they also adapt to nearer-term price challenges.

Global Project Data

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database is tracking more than 1,700 active downstream projects around the world.

Industry Perspectives: The digitalization of the downstream industry

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The digitalization of the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) is in full swing. Numerous companies have created, and are optimizing, digital technologies to improve plant operations, increase energy efficiency and lower costs.

Digital: Transitioning from the spreadsheet to the Cloud

Renick, J., GE Digital

The Industrial Internet of Things is expected to create a $225-B market by 2020, opening new opportunities for industrial organizations related to data and asset management.