Gas Processing/LNG

Global: The future growth of Argentina’s oil and gas industry hinges on additional investments

Nogarin, M., Contributing Writer

Attracting new investments is vital to revive the Argentine oil industry. It is essential to involve multinationals, due to the lack of financial resources of the Argentinian government. The modernization of the country’s downstream infrastructure is crucial to improve productivity, and the nation will need international support to obtain profitable results.

Global Project Data

A global LNG supply glut has put many mega-LNG projects in doubt in 2017. This predicament has many industry experts heralding it as the end of the mega-LNG project era.

Editorial Comment: Maintenance—a value-added expense

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

This issue of Hydrocarbon Processing tackles one of the most integral aspects of the downstream industry (or any industry, for that matter): maintenance and reliability. These two terms go hand-in-hand and help to ensure efficient and safe operations.

Recommended practices for fired process heater instrumentation and control

Schaffer, C., Burns & McDonnell

Fired process heaters are one of the most critical pieces of equipment within many refinery and petrochemical facilities. Proper instrumentation and control of the equipment has direct bearing on the successful operation of the process, as well as on overall facility process safety.

China exports record diesel volumes in March

BEIJING (Reuters) -- China exported record volumes of diesel in March and boosted sales of gasoline and kerosene as refiners continued to turn to foreign markets to offload their excess product, while liquefied natural gas imports also jumped, customs data showed on Sunday.

IRPC '17: Refinery/petrochemical integration creates operational efficiencies

Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

NEW DELHI, INDIA—During Day 2 of IRPC 2017, Ashish Logani, Principal Process Engineer at Fluor, shared insights on how to overcome the challenges associated with integrating petrochemicals production and refining operations.

Gastech '17: Day four edition of the official conference newspaper

TOKYO -- Here is the day four edition of the official newspaper for the Gastech 2017 Conference & Exhibition.

Gastech '17: Day three edition of the official conference newspaper

TOKYO -- Here is the day three edition of the official newspaper for the Gastech 2017 Conference & Exhibition.

Viewpoint: Operational excellence—The path to world-class performance

Murray, P., Petrotechnics

Why is operational excellence (OE) increasingly being recognized as the path to world-class performance?

Through the looking glass: How US EPA regulations are changing the way we visualize methane leaks

Yanai, O., Opgal

In mid-2016, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published Regulation 40 CFR, Part 60, Sub-part OOOOa, commonly known as QuadOa. This regulation has propelled optical gas imaging (OGI) firmly into the mainstream, and presents a major shift in the way fugitive emissions are regulated and the technologies that can be used.