Gas to liquids (GTL)

NiQuan Energy enlists Black & Veatch to advise on Caribbean GTL project

Black & Veatch will perform a detailed review of plant engineering design and specifications, its structural and mechanical integrity and adherence to applicable codes. The company will provide design specification for completion of the facility, a project schedule and an overall cost estimate.

GTL ’15: New Juniper GTL project on US Gulf nears construction completion

Leo Bonnell, vice president of process engineering at SGC Energia US, said the project is now 68% complete overall, with pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup all contracted for the first quarter of next year.

China’s ‘energy revolution’ strives for sustainable growth

Rhodes, Mike, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

China's energy demand, particularly for petroleum and other liquids, is rapidly increasing as its industrial and transportation infrastructures expand.

US crude output rose to 42-year high in March

March inventories are at the highest level in 85 years, and the production of natural gas liquids also set a record for the month.

HP Boxscore Construction Analysis: How low oil prices are affecting new project announcements

Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Beginning in July 2014, the world began to witness a widespread fall in crude oil prices. With the decrease in global crude oil prices, what has this meant for new project announcements in the downstream sector?

HP Industry Perspectives: Notables from BP's Energy Outlook 2035

In mid-February, BP released its outlook for the next 20 years. As reminded by BP’s new chief economist, Spencer Dale, the outlook is a projection of what is most likely to occur based on the inf..

Shell starts two-month turnaround at Pearl GTL

One train, representing half the facility, has recently begun a planned ‘turnaround’ maintenance program, which will continue for a period of some two months.

Linde Process Plants completes first natural gas symposium

The program was a comprehensive forum to explore information on various NGL and LNG industry practices, technologies, market and regulatory developments and more.

US economics of GTL chemicals trump fuels: EIA

Speaking at the Monetizing C1 Methane Feedstocks Summit 2015, Vishakh Mantri outlined the pros and cons of GTL processes aimed at both fuels and chemicals.

Greyrock, Nerd Gas to partner on GTL units in US

Through an affiliate, US GTL, the companies are working to ensure that GTL facilities can utilize Wyoming natural gas and produce clean transportation fuels for local consumption.