Loss Prevention

Ineos presses ahead with crude pipeline repairs

LONDON (Reuters) — Ineos said repairs to Britain’s Forties crude pipeline were underway on Wednesday, after a crack was found that closed the pipeline on Dec. 11.

Britain's biggest oil pipeline shut ‘for weeks’ for repairs

LONDON (Reuters) — Britain's largest oil pipeline could shut down for weeks for unscheduled repair work, sending the price of crude to new 2-yr highs and triggering a steep rally in natural gas prices, just as a cold snap sweeps the country.

Explosion at Petroperu crude oil tank kills two workers

LIMA (Reuters) — An explosion at a Petroperu crude oil tank killed two men who had been performing maintenance work on Wednesday, the state-owned oil company said.

Honeywell survey shows low adoption of industrial cyber security

HOUSTON — Honeywell released a new study showing industrial companies are not moving quickly to adopt cyber security measures to protect their data and operations, even as attacks have increased around the globe.


Andrew, Bob, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

In the demanding environment of a Claus reaction furnace, flame detection sensors must distinguish whether a flame is still burning against a hot refractory lining background.

Reliability: Deriving high value from reliability conferences

Bloch, Heinz P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

In August 2017, a publisher-colleague and I attended an important regional reliability conference in Galveston, Texas.

Address damage mechanism reviews in a process hazard analysis

Performing damage mechanism reviews (DMRs) to determine credible degradation modes and susceptibilities of processing equipment has become an important step in developing effective mechanical integrity plans in the refining, chemical processing and related industries.

Determine service fatigue life for damaged delayed coking unit drums

Aumuller, J., Carmagen Engineering, Inc.

Coke drums and delayed coking units (DCUs) have been a recognizable technology in refineries since the 1930s, and in oil sands plants since the early 1960s.

Maximizing energy efficiency in paraxylene production—Part 1

Colling, C., BP AMOCO

Due to reduced margins, higher energy costs and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) content, energy efficiency has never been more important in refining and petrochemicals.

The design and construction of large crude oil storage tanks with double-deck floating roofs

Reddy, K. V., Sajeev, V. N., FACT Engineering and Design Organization

As crude oil prices decline, consumption of petroleum fuels is increasing.