Rhodes, Mike, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

For organizations to secure their operations and reduce cyber threats, a successful cybersecurity strategy requires solutions to secure endpoints—any device that is connected to a network outside of its firewall, including laptops, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), switches, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and more.

Real-time monitoring of creep damage for fired equipment tubes, employing advanced web platforms

Lindblade, M., Ray, C., Lee, H. S., ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Co.

Within the petrochemical industry, fired heater tubes and boilers experience high tube metal temperatures (TMTs) for extended periods of time.

Variable-speed pumps and minimum flow control valves: Design and implementation

Lemmers, S. P. B., Hau, Y. F., Tan, P. C., Dialog E&C Sdn Bhd

Within hydrocarbon storage terminals, product pumps are the most vital rotating equipment for terminal operations and maintenance.

Business Trends: Optimize pump systems to save electrical energy

Schofield, S., British Pump Manufacturer’s Association Ltd. (BPMA)

Given the global rise in energy costs, there has never been a better time to review and assess the efficiency of pumping systems—whatever their size, complexity or sphere of operation.

Valves, Pumps and Turbomachinery: Calculate flowrate through valves, fittings and pipe under a laminar flow regime

Garcia, I., University of Cienfuegos; Garcia, A., Kuraray America Inc. EVAL Plant

Calculating flowrate through long, straight pipe under laminar flow regime is easy using standard equations of fluid mechanics.

Amarinth wins order from ADNOC for API 685 OH2 and VS4 Magnetic Drive pumps

Amarinth, a world-leading, net-zero designer and manufacturer of low lifecycle cost centrifugal pumps and associated equipment, primarily for the offshore and onshore oil & gas industries; nuclear and renewable energy generation; defense; desalination; process and industrial markets, has won an order from ADNOC for API 685 OH2 and VS4 Magnetic Drive pumps that will be used on the Ruwais NGL trains, United Arab Emirates.

The effect of viscosity on centrifugal pumps and predicting performance for different fluids

Dominic, A., ADNOC Refining

Centrifugal pumps are used for a wide range of applications and services in the refining industry. In today’s dynamic scenario, changes in pumped fluid characteristics are common, especially for transfer/loading pumps.

Liquid applications for ASME Section I service

Merriam, R., Fels, G. W., Curtiss-Wright

Extensive guidance is available for relief protection of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (B&PVC) Section VIII process equipment for scores of applications, such as run-away reactions, distillation and heat exchangers. Sources include ASME, American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS), among others.

BB5 launch complements CPC Pumps International API 610 range

CPC International announced the launch of its new BB5 pump.

Highlights of API 685 3rd Edition, Sealless Pumps—Part 2

Korkowski, F., Applied K3nowledge Consulting; Hess, T., The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.; Cooper, J., Bechtel Inc.; van den Heuvel, M., BP

Part 2 of the article on API 685 has highlighted most of the “other changes of interest to the reader” and provides insights into the various other points of discussion the API 685 task force addressed, along with the rationale behind changes found in the July 2022 published 3rd Ed. of the standard.