Improve LPG treating via advanced amine-solvent recovery technologies

Engel, D., Burns, H., Nexo Solutions; Spooner, B., Amine Experts

Capacity and throughput improvement in a refinery LPG treating unit are made possible by implementing an amine recovery program.

HP News

Rhodes, Mike, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Recent news events in the global HPI.

HP News

Rhodes, Mike, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

UAE FCC catalyst manufacturing facility completes Phase 1W. R. Grace & Co. and JV partner Al Dahra Agriculture Co. marked the commissioning of a new catalyst logistics silo terminal (pictured) and the..

The Middle East’s strategic expansion of refined products exports

Rhodes, Mike, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Already a leader in crude oil exports, the Middle East is making a deliberate move to increase its participation in the refined and petrochemical products markets. It is likely that the ME will continue to add downstream projects. Refining capacity will center on domestic demand and export opportunities to Asia-Pacific and Europe.

HP Innovations

Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Coatings line wins innovation awardHempel’s HEMPADUR AvantGuard range of products won the 2014 European Frost & Sullivan Award for the category of new product innovation. To be presented on May 1..

Improve the operation of fired heaters

Malhotra, K., S & B Engineers and Constructors Ltd.

Fired heaters or “process furnaces” are used extensively by the refining and petrochemical industries. These heat transfer units generate the much needed process energy through the combustio..

Shale oil characterization optimizes refining process

Sayles, S., KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.

The abundance of shale oils is an unexpected gift for US refiners. These new crude oils have different characteristics from conventional oils that will affect refining processes and the operation of p..

HP Innovations

Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Corrosion prevention for high-TAN refiningFor petroleum refiners, improving profitability by processing high-total-acid-number (high-TAN) crude oils requires an investment in high-temperature corrosio..

Maximize LPG recovery from fuel gas using a dividing wall column

Refiners are challenged to recover LPG from mixed fuel gas streams due to the difficulty of separating the lighter components from bulk gas. To maintain profitability, it is essential to direct all of the crude oil components to the optimum disposition. This practice is becoming more significant due to increasing LPG demand in some countries and the supply of lighter crudes in countries such as the US.

Replan: Modernizing Brazil’s largest crude oil refinery

Perissé, J. B., Petrobras

The project included installing two hydrodesulfurization (HDS) units for the cracked naphtha produced by two catalytic cracking units, a coker naphtha hydrotreating (HDT) unit, and a catalytic reforming unit.