Novak, R.

ARC Advisory Group,

HP Integration Strategies: SCADA'S new capabilities support business processes and supply chain

Novak, R., ARC Advisory Group

Supported by intelligent field devices, expanded communications networks and improved compatibility with IT, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) can now provide a wealth of information an..

HP Integration Strategies: Smart operators utilize intelligent P&IDs

Novak, R., ARC Advisory Group

Increasingly, intelligent piping andinstrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) are entering the plantoperations arena. Improvements to the bottom line are drivinggrowing interest in what had previously been con..

HP Integration Strategies: Strategic use of engineering and design information

Novak, R., ARC Advisory Group

Many process industry companies struggle with the "as-built" data that is handed over at the end of a construction project. But what do you do with it so that it will provide value thro..