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Demineralized water system design: Considerations for the petrochemical industry—Part 1
Fan, J., Ananthanarayan, S., Hodgkinson, A., Advisian, a Worley Company

Site utility leads, engineers and other professionals in the hydrocarbon/chemical processing industries (HPI/CPI) are facing a perfect storm of increasing demineralized water demand, end of life of existing demineralized water plant equipment, changing source water quality, corporate directives to diversify water sources, and pressure from regulators and community stakeholders to minimize the volume of waste generated from water treatment.

Variable capacity control technology facilitates efficient operation for reciprocating compressors
Sanford, J., Siemens

Reciprocating compressors are used extensively in refinery and petrochemical operations to keep feedstocks and products moving through miles of piping.

Middle East: Saudi Arabia eyes major growth in petrochemicals market
Gerden, E., Contributing Writer

Saudi Arabia aims to become a major player in the global petrochemicals market within the next several years, with plans to increase domestic and foreign production and expand its exports.

Case study: Extend tube life in a waste heat boiler
Lee, S., Kim, E., SK Energy

The sulfur recovery unit (SRU) separates sulfur from sulfur compounds.

Advances in the OCC process for propylene production
Teng, J., Shi, J., Xie, Z., Sinopec Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology

Driven by rising demand for polypropylene, cumene, acrylonitrile and other derivatives, increasing global demand is seen for propylene.

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Data provided by Construction Boxscore.

According to Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database, more than 320 new projects have been announced in the downstream processing industry over the past year.

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Boxscore new project announcements, April 2018–present

Active project market share by region 

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Construction Boxscore: Project Spotlight

For additional downstream construction project data, visit Construction Boxscore.

Project: Polyethylene & Polypropylene
Location: Point Comfort, TX
Operator: Formosa Plastics
Cost: Not Yet Announced
Capacity: 400,000 tpy
Completion date: 2020
Status: Construction
Project: Refinery Rehab
Location: Ndala, Zambia
Operator: Indeni Refinery
Cost: $500MM
Capacity: 50,000 bpd
Completion date: 2022
Status: Planning
Project: Specialty Fluids
Location: Bayport, Texas
Operator: Total Specialty Fluids
Cost: 100MM
Capacity: 250,000 tpy
Completion date: 2016
Status: Operational
Project: Sebastopol Refinery
Location: Cartegena, Columbia
Operator: Sebastopol
Cost: $5 Billion
Capacity: 150,000 bpd
Completion date: 2023
Status: Engineering