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History of the HPI: The 1980s: Oil spike/collapse, liquid crystals, conducting polymers and the rise of AR/VR
Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Several major impactful events took place in the global oil and gas and petrochemical industries in the 1980s.

Hydroprocessing catalyst reload and restart best practices—Part 1
Dyke, S., PetroQuantum; Pongboot, N., Global R&D

Hydroprocessing (hydrotreating and hydrocracking) units are high-pressure, high-temperature units that have multiple reactors, multiple beds per reactor and specialized metallurgy.

MAA refinery’s experience producing Europe’s most-stringent diesel specification
Matar, M. B., Al-Mane, A., Layri, A. Y., Kuwait National Petroleum Co.

The European climate has one of the harshest winter weather conditions—therefore, diesel products’ cold flow properties [i.e., cloud point (CP) and cold filter plugging point (CFPP) parameters] are key to ensure diesel products’ usability during these climate conditions.

The effects of highly corrosive fluids on valves and disasters that can be avoided
Welsford, G., ValveMan

Some of the highly corrosive fluids in the oil and gas industry contain the following compounds: carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorides and moisture.

Fouling in hydrogen recycle gas compressors
Zardynezhad, S., TurboTech Consulting Corp.

Hydrogen recycle gas compressors are one of the most significant rotating equipment in oil refineries, petrochemical plants and upgraders.

Use a simple vapor equation for sizing two-phase pressure relief valves

Pressure relief valves (PRVs) protect process equipment from the hazards of excessive over-pressure.

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Global Construction Projects
Total active projects by region and sector, excluding holds

Data provided by Global Energy Infrastructure. 

Gulf Energy Information’s Global Energy Infrastructure database is tracking nearly 1,100 projects around the world. At 40%, the Asia-Pacific region holds the largest market share in total active projects followed by the Middle East and the U.S. These three regions represent nearly 70% of all active projects in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

GEI Analysis

New project announcements, April 2021–June 2022

Active project market share by activity level

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Construction Boxscore: Project Spotlight

For additional downstream construction project data, visit Construction Boxscore.

Project: Karachi Refinery Expansion and Upgrade Project (REUP)
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Operator: Pakistan Refinery Ltd
Cost: $1.2 B
Capacity: 45,000 bpd
Completion date: 2027
Status: Planning
Project: Dos Bocas [Olmeca] Refinery Project
Location: Dos Bocas Port, Mexic
Operator: Pemex
Cost: $12 B
Capacity: 340,000 bpd
Completion date: 2024
Status: Under construction
Project: Ras Laffan RLPP Ethane Cracker Project
Location: Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar
Operator: Qatar Energy and CPChem – Joint Venture
Cost: $2 B
Capacity: 1.9 MMtpy
Completion date: 2025
Status: Planning
Project: Abadan Refinery Project
Location: Abadan, Iran
Operator: National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Co.
Cost: $3.2 B
Capacity: 210,000 bpd
Completion date: 2022
Status: Under Construction