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Mitigate water-side fouling in fire tube boilers
Hegazy, M. A., Cairo Oil Refining Co.

One of the most important pieces of equipment used in many industries is the fire tube boiler.

Improve stability of ammonia plant steam systems to reduce unscheduled plant shutdowns
Shukla, A., Dyno Nobel; Chandani, H., KBR; Thomerson, C., AVEVA

Dyno Nobel runs a 2,300-metric tpd purifier plant in Waggaman, Louisiana.

Myth busting: Unlocking the hidden value of Coriolis flowmeters in refining

Process engineers must make many decisions to meet production targets, while maintaining the safe and efficient operation of a process unit.

Business Trends: The impact of a carbon tax on the European chemical industry
Saxton, D., FaÍsca, N., Nexant Energy and Chemicals Advisory

Over the past several years, greenhouses gas (GHG) emissions have become a pressing global issue.

Avoid common data preparation mistakes to improve analytics results
Reckamp, J., Seeq Corp.

Time series data preparation in process manufacturing applications presents complex challenges, such as differences in data sampling rates, inconsistent or custom units, and the need to access data in multiple systems, among other issues.

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Global Construction Projects

Data provided by Construction Boxscore.

According to Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database, more than 320 new projects have been announced in the downstream processing industry over the past year.

EWA Analysis

Boxscore new project announcements, April 2018–present

Active project market share by region 

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Construction Boxscore: Project Spotlight

For additional downstream construction project data, visit Construction Boxscore.

Project: LLDPE
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Operator: Sasol
Cost: TBA
Capacity: 470,000 tpy
Completion date: 2020
Status: Under Construction
Project: Crude Refinery
Location: Kulevi, Georgia
Operator: Phasis Oil
Cost: TBA
Capacity: 94,500 bpd
Completion date: 2024
Status: Planning
Project: LNG Export
Location: Oregon
Operator: Pembina
Cost: TBA
Capacity: 7.8 MMtpy
Completion date: 2025
Status: Engineering
Project: Propane
Location: Kallo, Belgium
Operator: Borealis
Cost: TBA
Capacity: 75,000 tpy
Completion date: 2022
Status: Under Construction