Schleiffer, A.

BP Refining & Petrochemicals GmbH, Bochum, Germany

Optimize field upgrading of oil sands with slurry-phase combi-cracking technology

Schleiffer, A., BP Refining & Petrochemicals GmbH; Till, A., FIChemE; Brown, B., AMIChemE

Slurry-phase combi-crackers are able to process a much wider range of feeds—including those with very high levels of metals, asphaltenes and sulfur—that cannot be economically upgraded in fixed-bed or ebullated-bed reactors, which makes this process ideal for upgrading oil sands.

Maximize liquid yield from extra heavy oil

Butler, G., Spencer, R., BP International Ltd.; Cook, B., Ring, Z., BP Products North America; Rupp, M., Schleiffer, A., BP Refining & Petrochemicals GmbH

Next-generation hydrocracking processes increase conversion of residues