Maldonado, X. R.

Haldor Topsoe, Lyngby, Denmark

Xavier Ruiz Maldonado is the Principal Hydrocracking Catalyst Engineer at Haldor Topsoe A/S. He holds an MSc degree in chemical engineering from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela. He works in the Hydrocracking Technical Support Group at Haldor Topsoe in Denmark, where his main responsibility is to advise refinery customers on startup, monitoring and troubleshooting of hydrocracking and hydrotreating units. He also works in collaboration with Topsoe Research and Development for pilot plant test planning and catalyst calculations. Prior to working at Topsoe, Mr. Maldonado was Lead Process Engineer at the Amuay refinery (Paraguaná refinery complex) and Project Engineer on the design of a diesel and hydrogen plant. He has more than 13 yr of research experience with catalyst formulation for hydrotreating and selective hydrogenation of diolefins.

Opportunity crudes and refinery challenges during hydrocracking operations—Part 1

Refineries worldwide often face practical challenges and operating issues when processing opportunity crude oils to maximize profit margins.