Nateghi, A.

Lincoln Electric, Essen, Germany

Amin Nateghi is Director of Consumables and Industries at Lincoln Electric. He is a mechanical engineer who has been active in the welding industry for more than 12 years. He is focused on welding solutions for industry segments, as well as the development of total welding solutions (consumables and automation).

Hybrid technique for electroslag strip cladding of critical process equipment

Chattopadhyay, P., Nateghi, A., Lincoln Electric

One of the major challenges in the oil and gas processing industry is to strike a balance among handling the changing qualities of petroleum products and byproducts, increasing the productivity and service life of critical components and reducing environmental hazards. As an example, new refineries are moving to applying conversion methods, such as hydrocracking, to increase yields, while also utilizing conventional distillation. This juxtaposition translates into a higher Nelson Index rating. Greater refinery complexity makes processing low-quality crude oil difficult, if not impossible, thereby precluding bottom-of-the-barrel products.