Hongwei, Q.

PetroChina Karamay Petrochemical Co., Xinjiang, China

Qi Hongwei is a Senior Engineer and the Director of the science and technology department of the petrochemical branch company of PetroChina. With more than 30 yr of experience, he is responsible for technology management of the fuel oil system. He also oversees the technical revamp of many units, including the catalytic cracking, delayed coking and distillation units. He also has abundant experience in process optimization.

Analyze pressure loss during FCC standpipe catalyst transfer

Wei, P., Hongwei, Q., PetroChina Karamay Petrochemical Co.; Yansheng, L., China University of Petroleum

The fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) is the primary conversion equipment for modern refineries to obtain clean transportation fuels, along with high-grade petrochemical feedstock.