Asquini, M.

T.A. Cook Consultants Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina

Mike Asquini is a Project Manager at T.A. Cook. While based in North America, he has managed projects for refining leaders in both the US and Canada. With 20 years of consulting and work experience on projects across a range of different industries, Mr. Asquini is now dedicated to asset-intensive businesses in the refining and petrochemicals industries. His work supports clients with maintenance optimization, turnaround, outage, shutdown optimization and OEE improvement.

Maintain the simplicity of maintenance work processes

Asquini, M., T.A. Cook Consultants Inc.

In the processing industries, companies rely on their physical assets to guarantee that they are always producing at the same capacity, or preferably higher, than they began. To achieve these high levels of production, assets must be readily available.