Shah, G. C.

Wood Group,

G. C. Shah is a senior professional involved in numerous areas, including functional safety assessments, environmental assessments, industrial hygiene, pipeline integrity assessments, fire protection, alarm rationalization, cyber security and the performance of HAZOP, LOPA and SIL assessments. Prior to his work with Wood Group, he spent 30 years in environmental and safety management and process engineering for petrochemical and oil refining industries. Mr. Shaw has authored 65 papers on topics including process safety, environmental management, process engineering and troubleshooting. He has an MS degree in environmental management, an MS in chemical engineering, and an MBA. He is a certified PHA facilitator.

What every manager should know about hazardous waste management

Shah, G. C., Wood Group

Improper management of hazardous waste can pose serious legal and regulatory liabilities to a company.