Platvoet, E.

XRG Technologies, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Erwin Platvoet is the CTO of XRG Technologies, and has served the industry around the globe in a variety of roles, including R&D Engineer, Cracking Furnace Specialist, Director of Engineering, and now Chief Technology Officer of XRG Technologies. He holds eight patents in fired heat transfer and emissions control technologies, has published numerous papers, and co-authored the John Zink Combustion Handbook and Industrial Combustion Testing book. Mr. Platvoet has been an active member of the API 560 and API 535 subcommittees, and is a graduate of Twente University in the Netherlands with an MS degree in chemical engineering.

Maximize value and successfully revamp a fired heater

Platvoet, E., XRG Technologies

Fired heaters are facing scrutiny because they contribute to the global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).