June 2005


Special Report: Process/Plant Optimization

Fine-tune operations through computational fluid dynamics
Gartside, R. J., ABB Lummus Global; Schowalter, D., ANSYS, Inc.; Ponzi, P. R., ABB Lummus Global Bloomfield

Advanced modeling methods assist engineers to troubleshoot existing processing equipment

Pattern recognition displays capture advanced process control benefits
Chang, E., LyondellBasell Industries

Operational score graphs provide a real-time indication of a controller's performance

Consider dynamic simulation for successful training

To streamline startup and subsequent operations of a new 1-butene unit, a dynamic simulator provided engineers and operators with experience prior to commissioning

Are you getting the full benefits from your advanced process control systems?
Canney, W. M., Aspen Technology, Inc.

Myths about automation programs prevent companies from unleashing their full profit potential

Cut your energy bills
Thompson, I., Shell Chemicals Ltd.; van der Heijden, Shell Global Solutions International BV

A European olefins plant used tailor-made, integrated solutions that reduced energy costs with minimal capital expenditure

Multivariable control and real-time optimization – an industrial practical view
Rotava, O., Zanin, A. C., Petrobras

Here's what can be achieved with each technology and how they are integrated at this plant

Universal key performance indicators for process plants
Gerry, J., ExperTune Inc.; Lang, L., LyondellBasell

Raise the performance levels of the process control system and the plant

Bonus Report: Laboratory Analyzers

Minimize fouling due to heat-induced deposition and coking
Schabron J.F., Western Research Institute; Shah, R., Koehler Instrument Co.

Consider using titrimetry to improve thermal refinery processes

Engineering Case Histories

Case 27: Brittle fracture concerns on vessels
Sofronas, A., Consulting Engineer

Specialists need to understand when they should obtain help

Piping/Fluid Flow

Explicit friction factor correlation for pipe flow analysis
Goudar, C. T., Bayer HealthCare; Sonnad, J. R., University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Use this representation of the universal law of friction to obtain accurate estimates


HP Control: Part 2 – What is advanced process control?
Friedman, Y. Z., Petrocontrol

Part 1 discussed what APC attempts to do and how it makes money. This part discusses modern APC. Structure of a modern APC application. We now leave the philosophical concepts and go into the struct..

HP Reliability: Consider pregrouted pump baseplates and new grout systems
Bloch, Heinz P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Conventional grouting methods for nonfilled pump baseplates are, by their very nature, labor- and time-intensive. Using a pregrouted baseplate with conventional grouting methods helps to minimize some..

HP Integration Strategies: Operator training practices revealed
Hill, D., ARC Advisory Group

As manufacturing plants become increasingly automated and are required to produce more with less, the requirement for operators to be prepared for all circumstances will only increase. Based in part..

HPIn Europe: Compliance projects grow as deadlines loom
Wright, Tim L., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

If it feels to you as if a trickle of small capital projects is turning into a flood, then you're not on your own. A lot more is on your plate these days if you're running a process plant in Europe...

HP Innovations: HPInnovations

Alloys increase creep rupture strength, reduce carburization As a result of extensive R&D, Manoir Industries introduces two new alloys that are claimed to increase creep rupture strength and redu..

New Developments

Remotely monitor and manage product inventories The WEB*VMI Inventory Management Service business is said to enable chemical and other bulk-product manufacturers to remotely monitor and manage pr..

HP Construction: HPIn Construction: North America
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Yokogawa Electric Corp. will be a global strategic distributed control systems and other process control equipment supplier to Shell Downstream Manufacturing. The latest agreement covers all Yokogawa ..

HP Construction: HPIn Construction: Europe
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

BASF is starting up a new plant producing its biodegradable plastic Ecoflex at its Schwarzheide, Germany, site in 2006. The facility will have a 6,000 metric tpy total capacity, and complements the 8,..

HP Construction: HPIn Construction: Middle East
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd., (FWEL) a Foster Wheeler Ltd. subsidiary, has a project engineering services (PES) contract with Jubail Chemical Industries Co. (JANA) for its epichlorohydrin and chlor-al..

HP Construction: HPIn Construction: Africa
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Societé Nationale de Raffinage de Pétrole (NAFTEC Spa) is using GTC's proprietary process technologies, CrystPXsm, GT-BTX, GT-IsomPXsm. The agreement is for a major rehabilitation project at..

HP Construction: HPIn Construction: Asia-Pacific
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

A technical gases provider is ordering its third methanol cracker plant for China. Caloric is delivering a 1,300 Nm3/h plant. Hydrogen (H2) will be produced using methanol and demineralized water as..

Free Literature

Flow measurement in rugged environments Eight-page Oil & Gas Industry Flow Guide from Fluid Components International (FCI) is claimed to offer valuable advice on air, gas and liquid measurement, ..

HP In Brief: HPIn Brief
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

  Trends in control system enhancements Results from a he..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Look beyond price of oil, cautions market analyst
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

"A quiet demand crisis is unfolding that will change the energy market," says Steve Terry, with PEL, a Division of KBC Process Technology Ltd. Speaking at the DeWitt World Petrochemical Review, he s..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Gasoline blending rules could pit refiners against petrochem operators
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The global energy complex has undergone extreme price volatility over the past two years. Many factors have contributed to redefine the dynamics of the oil industry. Extensive worldwide economic rec..

HP Impact: HPImpact: HPI businesses to benefit from peaking flue gas desulfurization needs
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

During the 1990s annual sales of power plant flue gas desulfurization systems (FGD) were less than $1 billion/yr globally. Last year they were over $7 billion, and by 2006 will be $11 billion, accor..

HP Impact: HPImpact: IEA energy overview expresses 'concern but not alarm' for markets
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Cold weather from mid-February lifted year-on-year OECD demand by 1.3 million barrels/day (MMbpd) in February 2005, partly offset by lower FSU apparent demand. Chinese demand growth slowed to 5.4% i..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Experts seek outlets for global oversupply of sulfur
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The growing supply of sulfur continues to be a global concern since demand for the element is not keeping pace with supply. In 2004, worldwide sulfur production totaled 68 million tons, 90% of it..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Ethanol price drops as surplus capacity increases
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Not all energy prices are surging. Ethanol, which is typically derived from corn and mixed with gasoline, often moves in sync with petroleum. But this year, the spot wholesale price of ethanol has f..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Significant company and association news
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

FIATECH and the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) have formed an alliance to unite advanced production management with advanced enabling technology. The initiative's focus is on improving capital..

HP Impact: HPImpact: Venezuela announces steep tax raise for multinationals
Weirauch, Wendy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

"President Chávez has dealt a major blow to oil companies in Venezuela by deciding to take a greater share of the profits from oil production." So says a recent outlook from Wood Mackenzie (www..

New Developments: Industry developments
Jackson, Kim M., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Strong growth continues due to an increased need to produce low cost products


Correction to Print Issue

  In the June 2005 article "Explicit friction factor correlation for pipe flow analysis," pp. 103­-105, Fig. 1 was inadvertently repeated as Fig. 3 on p. 104. HP regrets the error and any ..


Consider near infrared methods for inline blending

A comparison shows the benefits vs. CFR knock engine tests