CB&I to upgrade Polish refinery coking technology

CB&I’s Lummus Technology business unitwas selected as the license provider for a delayed coking unit (DCU) for the Grupa Lotos refinery in Gdansk, Poland, the company said on Monday.

Once the coking technology is implemented, the Gdansk refinery will have the capability to process 2,400 to 3,840 tpd of a blend of vacuum resid and ROSE pitch, depending on the season.

The Gdansk refinery is the second-largest refinery in Poland.

The DCU will enable Grupa Lotos to economically increase refinery distillate yields and eliminate fuel oil production by converting a mixture of vacuum resid and pitch from a solvent deasphalting unit, according to project officials.

The new technology will aid conversion of the bottom of the barrel to fuel gas, LPG, naphtha and gas oils.

Lummus Technology is slated to provide the basic engineering, proprietary heater design, training and start-up services.

By initiating new coking technology for the Gdansk refinery, Grupa Lotos said it hopes to raise its capabilities in processing an array of heavy feedstocks and capturing additional marketplace value in lighter, more profitable distillates and coke.

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