Pemex picks ICA Fluor to expand distillates output at Mexican refinery

Fluor announced Thursday that its ICA Fluor joint venture with Empresas ICA was awarded a new $95 million contract by Pemex to develop the first phase of a project to reconfigure the Miguel Hidalgo refinery, located in Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico.

Fluor will book its $48 million share of the contract in the third quarter of 2013.

ICA Fluor will be responsible for the basic and detailed engineering for the process plants, auxiliary services and integration works required to increase the refinery’s distillate production capacity from 63% to 80%.

This is the first phase of a mega-project announced by Pemex to increase national production of higher-value distillates through the reprocessing of products such as gasoil (diesel).

Pemex expects its total investment to be approximately $3.5 billion.

“This project is a major step in the modernization of Mexico’s oil processing facilities, and we are proud to be in the position to support Pemex with Mexico-based engineering to advance the key goals set forth in their strategic plan,” said Juan Carlos Santos Fernandez, director general of ICA Fluor.

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