NACE International celebrating 75 years of corrosion prevention

NACE original logo from 1943

NACE celebrating 75 Years of corrosion prevention. In 1943, eleven corrosion engineers from the pipeline industry established the "National Association of Corrosion Engineers" to study corrosion prevention in oil and gas infrastructure. Within five years, the new association grew to over 1, 000 members. The first NACE annual conference in 1944 was held in the Rice hotel in Houston, Texas. Around 250 attended, and heard 25 presentations. The conference registration fee was just $4.

Vacuum-test welded seams of stainless steel in Richmond

Here is an illustrated welding story, from the NACE Archives, about their early field work: In 1957, Consolidated Western Steel Division workmen in Richmond, California vacuum-test welded seams of stainless steel lining of a two million gallon ammonium nitrate reservoir at the Hercules Powder Co. plant near Richmond, Calif.

The 200-foot diameter bowl, unused since World War I when it housed TNT, was being readapted as a storage reservoir. Stainless steel was specified as the lining because it was highly resistant to the corrosive action of ammonium nitrate.

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