California's push to ban gas-powered cars nearly finalized

California's transition to electric-powered vehicles could be accelerated after regulators are expected to approve plans to phase out gas-powered vehicles Thursday, according to Bloomberg news.

In 2020, California Governor David Newsom announced an executive order to rid the state of gas-powered vehicles by 2035 "requiring automakers to steadily increase their sales of zero-emission cars in the nation’s largest auto market." according to the news article.

The implications of this move reach far beyond California's borders. That's because more than a dozen other states - 17 to be exact - follow California's emissions guidelines. 

Several automakers already have plans to ramp up electric vehicle (EV) sales. However, some are concerned with the appointed timeline.

Bloomberg notes:

"While most automakers have announced plans to ramp up production of EVs, the industry has expressed concern about getting locked into specific timelines for their adoption and that many consumers may not be ready to ditch gasoline. Electrics made up less than 6% of new car sales in the first half of this year, according to the Edmunds automotive information service. And EV prices, already higher than gas-powered cars, are rising as the war in Ukraine, supply chain problems and rising demand make the metals inside their rechargeable batteries more expensive."

However, other analysts in the industry have a positive outlook on what this means for a faster transition to clean energy.

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