PetroChina’s Dagang refinery commissions new alkylation unit using Ionikylation Technology

PetroChina Dagang Petrochemical Company successfully commissioned a 150,000 tpy Ionikylation unit for the production of high octane alkylate. Start-up activities were completed on August 14, 2022. The Dagang alkylation unit is the third Ionikylation unit in PetroChina’s portfolio and the seventh commercial Ionikylation project to date.

The Dagang refinery has an annual crude processing capacity of 5,000,000 tpy and it produces 1,500,000 tpy of gasoline. According to PetroChina, Ionikylation was selected for its proven ability to achieve quality and efficiency of alkylate production, enabling the company to meet National VI gasoline specification requirements while improving its environmental and operational safety profile. Alkylate RON from the newly commissioned unit is reported at 98.

The Dagang Ionikylation unit occupies a plot space of 159m x 71m and is located at the site of a previously dismantled catalytic reforming unit. The total cost for the project was reported as ¥330 MM RMB.

Ionikylation is the leading ionic liquids-based alkylation technology for the production of high octane alkylate that is free from sulfur, benzene, olefins, and aromatics. The inherently safe and sustainable process allows a refiner to transition away from using hazardous and corrosive acid catalysts and additives. All Ionikylation process equipment is manufactured using carbon steel and the process eliminates the need for costly containment systems for handling hazardous chemicals.

In 2020, Ionikylation achieved an industry milestone as the first ionic liquids-based technology to be used to revamp an existing hydrofluoric acid alkylation unit at Sinopec’s Wuhan refinery. Well Resources Inc. is the global licensor of Ionikylation.

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