Best Practices in Supporting Front Line HPI Operations Remotely in Response to Covid-19
18 May 2020

Sponsor: OSIsoft

To ensure employee safety, HPI companies had to quickly pivot to a remote support model with many subject matter experts (SMEs) and engineering staff working remotely supporting front line, sequestered critical operations and field operators.

What are the best practices and lessons learned from this new remote operational support model?  What have been technologies and work processes that are enabling effective and efficient remote operational support?  Is this the “new norm” going forward even when the impact of Covid-19 abates? If not, how will remote support of critical operations be changed?  

If this topic and questions are of interest to you and your organization, please attend this special HPI webinar with a panel of leading industry customer experts who will discuss their perspectives. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions for the panelists.

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ARC Sustainability Survey Results: How Prepared Are You?
12 May 2020

Sponsor: AspenTech

How effective are your sustainability initiatives—especially given the current global environment? Early returns from the ARC Advisory Group benchmarking survey reveal that sustainability is just as important as other key programs such as margin optimization and operational excellence. What about worker safety, the environment and digitalization? You may be surprised how your peers responded. 

Join this live webinar as ARC Advisory Group Vice President Peter Reynolds shares the results of this important sustainability study. Topics will include:

  • How do today’s industry leaders measure the effectiveness of their sustainability strategy?
  • What’s the impact of recent health and economic challenges on sustainability?
  • What approaches, practices and tools are used, and how well are they working?
  • What ranks ahead of typical “green” sustainability initiatives in importance?

The webinar will also include discussion on how companies are improving sustainability with digital technologies.

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How Remote Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics Brings Onsite Results to Industrial Operations by Moving Data, Not People
5 May 2020

Sponsor: Bently Nevada

In oil and gas and power gen plants, restricted access and limited movement of people introduces new operational risks. Energy operations are essential to meet the on-going demands of our communities. Thus, asset anomalies must be analyzed and correlated with continuing urgency to maintain asset and plant availability.  Learn how condition monitoring – via remote hosting, monitoring and diagnostics – is enabling distant support to better protect and preserve machinery and operations worldwide.

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Capturing Additional Value from your Hydrogenation Unit: Key insights derived from supporting high-performing units around the world
30 April 2020

Sponsor: Shell Catalysts & Technologies 

Operating a hydrogenation unit profitably in today’s market environment can be challenging.  While confronting safety concerns, many operators also experience shorter-than-expected cycle lengths and difficulties meeting product specifications.

Meanwhile valuable opportunities are emerging. Advances in nickel catalyst technology are enabling these units to process a wider range of feeds and the energy transition is creating new markets. 

Shell Catalysts & Technologies, through supporting worldwide customers and Shell owned hydrogenation units, has developed special insights. In this webcast, we will:

  • Provide insights into catalyst selection and explain why simultaneously optimizing the process, including the recycle loop, is key to increase performance
  • Take a deep dive into the deactivation mechanisms that can cause catalysts performance to decline
  • Discuss how Shell’s customer driven R&D programs, enable it to optimize catalyst systems in the conventional and emerging markets
  • Share examples of the value that can be unlocked when an operator improves their unit’s performance.
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The Core of a reliable Digital Twin for an Industrial Asset begins with an EPC 4.0 Strategy
21 April 2020

Sponsor: AVEVA

Industrial assets are looking to empower their workforce with Digital Twins to optimize an assets performance, safety, profitability and even sustainability.  The core of an industrial assets Digital Twin is trust in its "as built" engineering data (physical representation of the plant) and its models (behavior of the plant). Learn how a data centric EPC 4.0 strategy allows Owner Operators to collaborate with their contractors on a single system to deliver accurate engineering information across the asset’s lifecycle, reducing design errors, project delays and unplanned shutdowns and ultimately build the core of a reliable Digital Twin.

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Energy Infrastructure Update: Short-term changes for long-term gain
Sponsored Content
16 April 2020

The oil price collapse and COVID-19 pandemic have thrown the energy industry into turmoil with the new market conditions leading companies to review the status of their global project portfolios. This fast-paced environment necessitates that decision-makers take a holistic approach to managing infrastructure in the midstream and downstream markets. As you look to the future, join the next Energy Web Atlas webcast to gain industry perspective that will allow your company to better navigate the months ahead.

Join the Energy Web Atlas as we take a closer look at the following:

  • What projects have updated their status in:
    • Global refining, gas, and petchem
    • Global pipelines
    • Global LNG import/export facilities
    • Lower 48 pipelines
  • What projects have been put on hold?
  • What projects are still moving forward?
  • Where are these projects located?
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Make Every Piece of Your Reactor Count: Mitigate Pressure Drop in Minimum Reactor Space
7 April 2020

Sponsor: Honeywell UOP

Hydroprocessing unit operators know every particle added to the feed process increases pressure drop and takes away from cycle length.  The result is unplanned shutdown time, reduced cycle time and a financial loss that can often creep into millions of dollars a year.

To mitigate this risk, operators seek ways to make the most of existing plant equipment by integrating new, more efficient technologies. The ideal solution is one that can maximize existing space and provide the best benefit.

To better help customers achieve this goal, Crystaphase and Honeywell UOP are integrating market-leading technologies that can enable processing heavier feeds, longer operations, extended time between turnarounds, and help inter-cycle skimming.

Join us for this interactive webinar and you’ll learn:

  • The science behind pressure drop
  • The first line of defense against crusting
  • How a ground-breaking technology can enable layers of protection, with flexibility that helps reduce unexpected problems

Plus, you can have your questions answered by a panel of Crystaphase and Honeywell UOP experts

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The Digital Twins of Process Plants in Practice – Improving Resilience and Performance
24 March 2020

Sponsors: Siemens and Bentley Systems

Jointly developed for the process industry by Siemens and Bentley, PlantSight is an open, cloud-based solution that makes it possible to collect, connect, contextualize, validate and make use of all existing plant data. It creates a complete, reliable and updated digital twin of a plant, not only integrating 1D, 2D and 3D data, but also bringing visibility to dark data, which is a type of unstructured and unlinked data.

The speakers will cover a real user experience, showing how PlantSight made it possible to achieve a new level of collaboration across all disciplines and all levels. They will discuss how new cloud services are changing the way they work, and how this is enabling them to derive and deliver greater value from their assets and resources.

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