Mexico's Unfolding Natural Gas Transformation
10 April 2018

The global energy industry has seen how the shale boom turned the US into a leading gas producer and exporter. Much of the recent development in the Americas natural gas/LNG sector has been concentrated in the US Gulf Coast region, which is the key energy hub for much of the world. But what about Mexico? During this 60 minute live webcast, Energy Web Atlas’ Brian Balboa, Research Coordinator, Peregrine Bush, Senior Cartographic Editor and Scott Allgood, Director of Data Services, will discuss the potential future of Mexico by addressing:

  • What does the current natural gas/LNG sector look like in Mexico?
  • What is the status of Existing, Planned and Under Construction Pipelines in Mexico?
  • And most importantly, what key factors should the industry be aware of?
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Reduce Time and Cost by Accelerating Process Design: A Customer’s Perspective
27 March 2018

Sponsor: AVEVA

Do you want to improve employee efficiency and productivity? Equip your engineers with the best tools to effectively execute their process designs. Fluor, knowing the importance of getting the most from their employees and their technology, tasked Lei Lei Liu with modeling an intricate cooling water system in a new process simulator. In just weeks, with no previous training, she had built the model.

The idea behind this new tool, SimCentral Simulation Platform, is to replace multiple point solutions; allowing for seamless transitions between calculation modes. EPCs and operating companies alike can reduce time and cost by accelerating process simulation and design. In this webinar, Lei Lei Liu, will share how to maximize the benefits by using one simulation tool to do rigorous steady-state, hydraulics, and dynamic modeling quickly and efficiently in SimCentral Simulation Platform.

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How O&G Companies can Show Measurable Impact on Business Performance through Sustainability Strategy
10 January 2018

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

The global economy wants energy that is clean, green, and affordable. For decades, the oil and gas industry (O&G) has reliably provided energy, especially as transportation fuels. However, this industry is pressured to be greener and safer, emit fewer pollutants, and become more socially responsible. 

Investors and financial institutions now use sustainability indexes to determine future investment options.  

Some of the top O&G companies are undertaking new strategies to make their oil “greener.”

This webcast reviews the concepts that the O&G industry can use to increase their sustainability performance with existing strategies and operations and be profitable in the near and long term. 

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HPI Outlook 2018: What Does 2018 Hold for the Downstream?
19 December 2017

Join the editors of Hydrocarbon Processing as they present the downstream’s most trusted industry forecast. During the webcast, hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) professionals will gain expert insight into the 2018 spending and activities of the global HPI. During this live event, Hydrocarbon Processing’s editors will present projections for capital, maintenance and operating expenditures for the refining, petrochemicals and gas processing industries for 2018. They will highlight economic, environmental and industry trends impacting spending for the year ahead. The webcast will also include a Boxscore Construction overview of project activities in the refining, petrochemical and natural gas/LNG industries throughout the world.

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Lessons from Incidents: Placing Best Practice Analysis at the Heart of Process Safety Management
13 December 2017

Sponsor: Process Systems Enterprise

Several major incidents involving flare and relief systems can be traced to a failure to recognize hazards and perform adequate analysis.

This webcast will use the incidents as examples to explain how industry guidance, such as API 521, and good engineering practices have been enhanced to prevent future accidents and promote inherently safe design. It will describe the best practice solutions you need to effectively manage process safety:

  • Key elements of pressure relief and blowdown verifications to ensure PSM compliance
  • Up-to-date approaches for assessing:
    • vessel survivability under fire attack
    • brittle fracture risks during depressurization
    • transient process behavior during relief events.
  • Minimizing capital expenditure without compromising safety

It will be of interest to hydrocarbon engineers, especially those with an interest in safety, flare simulation experts and managers with responsibility for asset and plant integrity.

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Cleaner Fuels with Honeywell UOP Unified Hydroprocessing Solutions
6 December 2017

Sponsor: Honeywell UOP

Global demand for cleaner transportation fuels continues to grow. At the same time, the ability to process challenging opportunity crudes enables many refiners to increase margins. Reliable and robust hydroprocessing operations are essential for meeting fuel specifications in this scenario. 

This webinar features two recent commercial case studies illustrating the benefits of unified solutions in this space. You’ll learn about Honeywell UOP’s Unity™ Hydrotreating catalysts, Uniflow™ reactor internals and more.

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The New LNG Imperative
29 November 2017

The shale gas boom established the US as the world’s leading natural gas producer and is responsible for billions of dollars of investments in the US gas processing industry. Since 2012, the US has witnessed unprecedented growth in new gas processing capacity and infrastructure. This rise is due to greater production of domestic shale gas, which is providing cheap, available feedstock to fuel the domestic gas processing, LNG and petrochemical industries. New gas processing projects include the construction of billions of cubic feet per day of new cryogenic and gas processing capacity, NGL fractionators, multi-billion-dollar pipeline infrastructure projects, and the development of millions of tons per year of new LNG export terminal construction.

Attend this webcast to hear from Lee Nichols, Editor/Associate Publisher, Hydrocarbon Processing, Scott Allgood, Director-Data Services, Energy Web Atlas and Peregrine Bush, Senior Cartographic Editor, Petroleum Economist as they discuss the future of LNG and the application of Energy Web Atlas, a web-based GIS platform which allows users to track real-time information for every LNG project.

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Solutions for Challenges in Refinery Process and Source Water Monitoring
21 November 2017

Sponsor: Metrohm

By 2050, trends predict that the global water demand will increase by 55%. Technology innovation and expertise are crucial to helping refineries overcome these challenges.

Attend this webinar to hear Brian Arntsen, Global Domain Leader, and Richard Krichten, Boiler Group Manager at SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions, discuss the newest technologies and predictive analytics refineries can use to enhance their water, wastewater and process productivity.

Tom Zarella, Product Manager of Ion Chromatography at Metrohm USA will then present how ion chromatography technology can be used to monitor process, source, and wastewater in refineries.

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