Five Things to Consider When Sampling in a Hydrocarbon Processing Plant
3 October 2018

Sponsor: Sentry Equipment

The focus in hydrocarbon processing is keeping the product safely contained. There are only two exceptions: when product is sold and when it is sampled. Both cases come with risk to exposure to personnel and the environment. 

Sampling is essential for gaining visibility into product quality, identifying corrosion and ensuring processes are operating as expected. It occurs at multiple points across virtually every stage of hydrocarbon processing.

But, sampling doesn’t fit neatly into the organizational structure of refineries and petrochemical plants. 

That has left many organizations operating without a system in place to ensure safe, consistent sampling. Learn the five things to you need to know when sampling in a hydrocarbon processing plant.  

Sampling experts Rod Lunceford and Randy Cruse from Sentry Equipment will cover the following topics:

•    Safety & Environmental Considerations 
•    Matching Your Sampling Equipment to the Application
•    Operator Training and Installation Considerations
•    Benefits of Preventative Maintenance
•    Sampling Equipment Reliability
•    Questions & Answers

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Improving Profitability and Safety with State-of-the-Art Shell Reactor Internals
27 September 2018

Sponsor: Shell Global Solutions

Is your fixed-bed catalytic reactor facing issues such as high pressure drop or thermal maldistribution? Is the throughput of your unit bottlenecked or are you planning to process heavier, more difficult feeds? Are you seeking to improve your unit’s safety and reliability?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, a quick and simple revamp involving the installation of the 2018 generation of Shell reactor internals will help address such issues.

With technologies developed over the course of 30 years and an experienced owner/operator of process and mechanical engineers, Shell Global Solutions has provided a wide array of custom made solutions in more than 1,700 reactors all over the world. Will your reactor be our next challenge? Follow our webcast and be introduced to Shell Global Solutions reactor internals technologies and services.

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What’s New in Water Treatment for the Oil & Gas Industry?
18 September 2018

Sponsor: Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia, the world’s largest environmental company, is focused on research and innovation, always seeking new and better ways to meet the needs of industry. New technologies emerge and new applications for proven solutions are discovered every day. 

Join us on Tuesday, September 18, to learn about the latest innovations in water treatment for refineries, chemical, and petrochemical plants. Bill Perpich from Veolia Water Technologies will reveal what the scientists at Veolia have developed to optimize water treatment efficiency, lower your operating costs, comply with new regulations, and utilize IIoT digital tools to your advantage.

Topics will include:

•    Recycle and reuse in refineries and how it’s accomplished
•    New technologies based on ballasted clarification
•    High-rate biological treatment for removal of phenol and benzene
•    The latest twist on DAF technology
•    A new design for water degasification
•    Modularized technology offerings
•    Application of TiPSS for HF Alkalyzation
•    And more!

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Higher Margin and Safe Production of Alkylate from Olefin Feeds Using Solid Acid Catalyst
13 September 2018

Sponsor: KBR 

Globally, the demand for cleaner burning gasoline blend components is increasing. Alkylate, isomerate, ethanol and ethers represent cleaner burning gasoline blend components. Among these, alkylate is the ideal clean fuel component because it has a high octane rating, exhibits low vapor pressure, low sulfur levels and does not contain aromatics or olefins. Alkylate is produced using either sulfuric or hydrofluoric acid as the catalyst, but both these acids are dangerous and can lead to corrosion-induced accidents. 

After years of development, a new solid-acid catalyst technology, ExSact, has reached the point of outperforming these liquid acids. The ExSact catalyst forms the core of a safe and efficient K-SAAT process that generates high-octane alkylate, without the dangers and costs associated with liquid acid technology. 

The stable catalyst performance greatly simplifies the overall process design, which reduces the capital cost of the alkylation plant, while lowering energy consumption. During this webcast, Sanjay Singh, Vice-President, New Technologies, KBR, will provide a detailed overview of the ExSact technology, its successes and benefits.

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Asset Excellence in Oil & Gas: Customer Success Story with Predictive Analytics
30 August 2018

Sponsor: AVEVA

Digital Transformation empowers organizations to shift from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance (PdM) strategies. This enables front-line personnel to act before costly failures occur and maximize value throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Improving reliability, performance, and safety are among the top priorities for industrial organizations and businesses today. They are focusing efforts and resources on controlling costs and maximizing value from existing investments. PRiSM Predictive Asset Analytics helps organizations gain the highest return on critical assets by supporting predictive maintenance (PdM) programs. The PRiSM Predictive Asset Analytics solution provides early warning notification and diagnosis of equipment issues days, weeks or months before failure. This helps asset-intensive organizations reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability, and improve performance while reducing operations and maintenance expenditures. During this webinar, Ann Attaway, Program Manager at Air Liquide will provide an overview of the PRiSM implementation process, successes and lessons learned at Air Liquide.  

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Energy Web Atlas LNG Demo
23 August 2018

The Energy Web Atlas is your definitive source for project intelligence.

With comprehensive datasets covering liquefied natural gas, pipelines, gas processing plants and renewable energy, the Energy Web Atlas gives users project intelligence, facility information and contact details for key personnel.

Attend the webcast to watch Peregrine Bush, Senior Cartographic Editor with Energy Web Atlas, demonstrate an in-depth view of the LNG layer of the Energy Web Atlas.

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Construction Boxscore Demo - Aug 2018
22 August 2018

Join our webinar on “Construction Boxscore”, our projects database that tracks global refining, petrochemical and gas processing projects, supported by a research team in USA, Europe and Asia. New projects are updated daily and new data on current projects are updated constantly. 

Attend the webcast to watch Bob Andrew, Senior Data Analyst with Energy Web Atlas, demonstrate Boxscore.

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Maximizing Your Hydroprocessing Catalyst Solutions ROI
26 July 2018

Sponsor: Honeywell 

Choosing the best hydroprocessing catalyst solution at each reload opportunity is critical to maximizing a refinery’s return on investment. Approaches can vary based on industry dynamics, processing goals and/or budgetary constraints.

Join Honeywell UOP’s hydroprocessing experts as they focus on different scenarios to maximize ROI on catalysts solutions. 

Explore reducing catalyst spend, improving steady state operations, and meeting new refinery objectives in your next cycle in this informative webinar.

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