Maximize Safety, Sustainability and Productivity by Turning Unplanned Downtime Into Planned Downtime
13 February 2020

Unplanned downtime has wide-ranging impacts that affect more than just a plant’s productivity and profitability. Forced shutdowns also have a major impact on plant and personnel safety, as well as greenhouse gas emissions and environmental compliance. But what if you could actually plan for downtime?

In this paper, learn how advances in machine learning and predictive analytics are eliminating the surprise of unplanned downtime - enabling companies to minimize the most dangerous conditions, reduce the amount of gases released into the environment, and improve productivity and profitability.

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The Journey to Sustained Profitability: How to Benchmark the Efficiency of Your Investments
13 February 2020

Before, owners only had one way to evaluate future investment opportunities: historical comparative analysis. This approach does not provide the full picture and does not inform on tradeoffs inherent in any investment decision. Now, with the UOP E6 methodology, owners have a strategic framework that objectively quantifies how well an investment opportunity utilizes six key resources. The result: for the first time, owners can assess the value of an investment, ensuring alignment with business priorities, and realize consistently better outcomes. The UOP E6 – better decisions for a better future.

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How to Fix a Friendship Gone Sour: Russia, Organic Chlorides, and Improved Method Precision
3 February 2020

Chlorine-contaminated crude oil poses dangers such as the creation of hydrochloric acid, which causes corrosion in refining equipment and pipelines. Read our whitepaper to learn about a viable solution that allows refineries to obtain organic chloride concentrations in crude oil with increased precision and efficiency.

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Three Steps to Extend Refinery Uptime
15 January 2020

Today, more than ever, it is imperative that refineries and other process facilities operate efficiently and reliably. How is this achieved? The answers to just a few questions can show us the way. What should be done in order to increase reliability? What kind of instruments could provide digital reliability? What KPIs should be chosen show that investments in reliability are investments that can be paid back? This paper is dedicated to these concerns.

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ARC Strategies Report: Rethinking Asset Performance Management
13 January 2020

What are today’s industry leaders doing to improve asset performance? An ARC Advisory Group survey revealed that two-thirds of industry practitioners believe reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) isn’t improving reliability, and that operations has as much impact on plant asset performance as the maintenance organization. Download the report today for an in-depth analysis and recommendations from ARC.

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Key strategies for using Asset Performance Management (APM) to enable maintenance optimization and increased ROI
6 January 2020

How much is unplanned downtime costing you? The answer for most owners/operators is "way too much!" and "we’re not sure how to fix it." A new white paper from Lloyd's Register on maintenance optimization shows you the steps that will leverage the strategic value of your data to increase asset performance, reduce downtime, minimize risk and maximize ROI.

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Hydrocracker Economics with Improved Hydrocracking Catalysts
8 December 2019

The current low margin refining environment is driving refiners to improve returns on their existing assets by manufacturing higher-quality products at a more competitive cost. Refiners are seeking ways to run their hydrocracking units at higher capabilities and realize more benefit from their investment – or both. Heide Refinery’s Head of Technology and Energy Department, Mrs. Ulrike Vollrath, and Honeywell UOP’s Principal Hydroprocessing Technology Specialist, Mr. Rajesh Sivadasan, provide a case study examining how Heide Refinery replaced their catalyst with a combination of hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts and achieved their business objectives.

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Protect Profits and Prevent Margin Loss in Downstream
4 December 2019

Many refiners and petrochemical companies are not running existing assets at their greatest potential, leaving money on the table. To improve profit margins, they need to think beyond traditional revamps and adjustments. Download this white paper and learn how AI and advanced technologies help organizations increase margins and gain a competitive advantage.

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