UniSim® Design as a Platform for Technology Delivery at UOP
11 February 2021

Honeywell UOP is the leading technology innovation and solutions provider for the refining, petrochemical, and gas processing industries. The delivery of this technology to our customers requires a coordinated effort between all facets of our organization including research & development, process integration and optimization, detailed equipment design, as well as continuous commercial plant monitoring and optimization. Each of these functions are enabled and enhanced by UniSim Design. In this paper, examples will be provided of how UniSim Design is used cross-functionally at UOP to bring technology to the industry.

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Hybrid Modeling: AI and Domain Expertise Combine to Optimize Assets
1 February 2021

AspenTech has invented a method for integrating first principles-based process simulation models and domain expertise with AI and analytics algorithms. The result is a hybrid modeling system that delivers comprehensive, accurate models quickly without requiring significant expertise. Download this white paper to learn how hybrid models help you operate assets more safely, reliably and profitably.

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Repairing complex petrochemical components through selective electroplating
4 January 2021

The need to minimize downtime and maximize margins has never been more important as the petrochemical industry is only a few years away from entering a volatile new era. In this whitepaper, SIFCO ASC discusses various complex repair and maintenance applications that selective electroplating can be used for in petrochemical plants, and how this process is reliable, quality assured, cost effective and sustainable.

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Top digital approaches for the next downturn
5 November 2020

We can't predict market changes, but we can be ready to act fast, ensuring business continuity and safety. In the long run, companies will need to be agile, connected, and collaborative. Full visibility on business impacts from market changes and mechanisms to mitigate these risks exploring windows of opportunity will make the strong players stronger. Read the whitepaper to learn how to be ready for the next downturn.

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Determine Organic and Inorganic Chlorides in Crude Oil
2 November 2020

Although all XRF techniques are capable of only total elemental analysis, with some sample preparation, Clora, Clora 2XP, and Sindie +Cl can also be used to characterize inorganic and organic chlorides in crude oil. Learn how Clora measures crude oil to determine organic and inorganic chlorides.

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ARC Strategy Report: The Sustainability Future for Energy and Chemicals
2 November 2020

ARC Advisory Group conducted research to gain a better understanding of the current state of sustainability and "green initiatives" in the chemical and energy industries. Research showed that:

  • 90% of global energy and chemical companies have sustainability initiatives in place
  • Energy companies are focused on the transition to lower carbon future
  • Chemical companies are focused on creating more sustainable products

Learn where companies are focusing their efforts and how digitalization and other technologies can advance their sustainability initiatives.              


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Temporary Heat Exchangers Keep Plants Running Profitably
15 October 2020

Given that refineries and petrochemical plants are usually operating beyond their limits, heat exchangers are often a bottleneck to increasing capacity or maintaining product split. This paper demonstrates how temporary heat exchangers can be installed to solve these problems and streamline catalyst cooldowns. A case study shows how this solution not only helped a producer avoid steep fines, but also yielded tens of millions of dollars of profit that would otherwise have been lost.

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Predictive Maintenance Takes on Operational Risk
7 October 2020

In today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) global market, everything is changing — and in production environments, change means increased risk.

Asset performance management technology provides deep insight into risk factors across the enterprise, enabling companies to:

  • Increase the safety and sustainability of their operations by avoiding unsafe conditions
  • Optimize margins by significantly reducing unplanned downtime
  • Lower insurance premiums by improving their risk profile

Learn how predictive maintenance can deliver financial advantages now.

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