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IRPC 2022: Combining incremental crude processing and enhanced residue upgradation at low cost

Session three of IRPC focused on sustainability. To open the session, Arun Arora and Malini Warrer from Chevron Lummus Global and Vinod Ramaseshan from Saudi Aramco delivered a presentation titled, “Heavy Oil Processing Initiative Combining Incremental Crude Processing and Enhanced Residue Upgradation at Low Cost and Energy.”

Warrer began the presentation by describing high-value chemicals from crude oil. She was assisted by Ramaseshan, who is on the global research and technology licensing arm of Saudi Aramco. This part of the company conducts and coordinates downstream sector research activities outside Saudi Arabia, acquires and manages relevant intellectual property assets and commercializes/licenses relevant Saudi Aramco Ips and technologies in upstream and downstream sectors.

Ramaseshan went on to describe the heavy oil processing initiative. The initiative enables simple yet significant refinery expansion with no crude distillation unit (CDU)/vacuum distillation unit (VDU) and direct crude processing in LC-FINING or LC-MAX fractionation section. According to Ramaseshan, a 30% refinery expansion is possible without touching existing or new CDU/VDU.

Warrer concluded the presentation by providing the benefits of LC-HOPI for refinery expansion projects, such as the ESG benefits, the CAPEX/OPEX, improved asset utilization, proven technology platform and feed flexibility.

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