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Singh, S.

ABB, Oslo, Norway

Swarandeep Singh is a corporate leader and obsessively curious technology professional mindfully helping technology leaders and their teams grow and succeed. His fresh viewpoints and collaborative style have helped strategically guide corporate clients, as well as standards developments community. With more than 20 yr of experience in the energy industry, Mr. Singh provides a balanced blend of business strategy, execution and technology. With a notorious positive attitude and specialization in project leadership, automation, smart manufacturing and security, he has earned various leadership roles at ABB, growing his competencies from enterprise technologies to advanced manufacturing technologies and cybersecurity.

Smart manufacturing standardization: Driving global interoperability for enabling factories of the future

ABB: Singh, S.

Smart manufacturing is a topic that has generated considerable discussions within industry and standards organizations.

Global terminal management systems: key requirements

ABB: Singh, S.

A vendor's true capability to support a distribution enterprise's global projects depends on a surprisingly large number of technical as well as service-related issues

Business-to-manufacturing integration using XML

ABB: Singh, S.

This method has the potential to become the de-facto standard for efficient information exchange throughout the supply chain

The ISA SP95 connection

ABB: Singh, S.

Bringing real-time information from the plant into business systems is a challenging problem, and it is becoming more important as companies start optimizing their supply chains and adopt agile manufacturing strategies.

HP Control: ISA SP95 links plant floor to enterprise

ABB: Singh, S.

Although enterprise and control systems have evolved down mostly separate paths, they have approached a point where they could meet and exchange data. With the proliferation of information technologies (IT) on the plant floor, today's control and enterprise systems share a common hardware and operating system base.

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