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Manenti, G.

Alfa Laval Olmi SpA, Suisio, Italy

Giovanni Manenti has more than 20 yr of experience in process and heat transfer design and R&D activities, and in engineering and pressure vessels manufacturing companies. He is focused on special shell-and-tube heat exchangers, such as process gas boilers for the syngas industry and transfer-line exchangers for steam cracking furnaces, and on heat transfer prototype equipment. Dr. Manenti earned a PhD in chemical engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

Gas-side fouling effects on transfer-line exchangers

Alfa Laval Olmi SpA: Manenti, G.

Transfer-line exchangers (TLEs) are specific shell-and-tube heat exchangers installed out of hydrocarbons steam cracking furnaces for olefins production.

Syngas from H2S and CO2: An alternative, pioneering synthesis route?

Alfa Laval Olmi SpA: Manenti, G.
KT-Kinetics Technology SpA: Molinari, L.
Politecnico di Milano: Manenti, F.

Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide represent major concerns for the hydrocarbon industry. Both species are contaminants and, since their use as feedstock is minor, are considered troubling byproducts.

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