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Watkins, B.

ART Hydroprocessing, Chicago, Illinois

Brian Watkins has more than 30 yr of experience in various areas of hydroprocessing, and has held a number of technical research, management and technical engineering support positions at Grace and Advanced Refining Technologies, as well as managing the pilot plant facilities in Chicago. He now serves as Global Technology Manager, Distillate and Renewable SME (subject matter expert) for ART Hydroprocessing in Chicago, Illinois, where he provides customer support, technical advice and performance monitoring to refiners globally. Watkins holds a BS degree in chemistry from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois, and has written and presented numerous technical papers at AFPM events, CLG symposiums and various other locations globally.

New catalyst system to produce renewable diesel and SAF

ART Hydroprocessing: Watkins, B.  |  Baillie, C.

Hydroprocessing investments in sustainable fuels are gaining momentum, with a pipeline of up to $50 B expected by 2025 involving more than 250 projects, the majority of which focus on hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids (HEFA).

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